We, at TrenDemon, are obsessed with transforming complex data into clear, delightful and visual insights. This is why over the past months we’ve been working hard to redesign our content marketing attribution dashboard.

As a solution for the overwhelmed marketer, we go to great lengths to make our software as automated, simple and proactive as possible. The challenge with insights is that deeper truths take more effort to uncover. Our new dashboard, completely redesigned from the ground up, focuses on providing our users with clear answers regarding how their marketing is doing.

Introducing: TrenDemon’s new content marketing attribution dashboard

In our redesign process, we have gone back to the basics, asking our users, what they feel are the most important questions they want to be answered. We combined it with TrenDemon’s unique perspective of uncovering the real value of marketing efforts by mapping and visualizing the customer journey, with a special emphasis on the perspective of content pages and assets.

It Starts With a Goal

Since many of the insights we provide marketers relate to the basic question of how content impacts the company’s business goals, it made sense to put the goals at the top of our dashboard, showing the different ways people reach them through content. Now, you can easily view your assets performance in relation to multiple goals. Click on each goal to view how many visitors reached that goal, see the average amount of pages it takes to reach a goal, average amount of sessions and average amount of pages.

Content marketing attribution dashboard

Content marketing attribution dashboard

The new TrenDemon content marketing attribution dashboard can provide marketers with actionable insights regarding which content they should promote on which channel. Combined with our real-time journey optimization units that marketers can deploy on their sites’ interfaces, this is a huge game changer allowing TrenDemon to operate on autopilot as well as learn and adapt to new conditions and goals in order to maximize ROI at any given point.

Top sources

See the top performing sources from which your visitors came from and top performing campaigns. You can also toggle from first and last touch point.

sources insights

sources insights

Top Content

See the top performing content that contributed to each goal including unique visitors and amount of goals reached from visitors who read each post. Toggle between first and last touchpoints to view the content that was the first or the last touchpoint before conversion.

Content insights

Timeline of conversion for each goal

Get a visual graph representation of the conversions for each goal over time.



TrenDemon’s Uplift

See the rate of the overall uplift from all TrenDemon’s units to all goals including the number of leads and the number of read pages from our content recommendation unit.


What do I need to do to start using the new dashboard?

Nothing! We will be rolling out the new dashboard in the next few weeks and your account will be automatically updated.

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