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Integrate TrenDemon and HubSpot

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Leverage Personalization To Automatically Increase Qualified Leads

Leverage your HubSpot data with TrenDemon to create personalized content experiences in real-time and targeted call to actions. Generate significantly more qualified leads from the sames content and traffic.

Discover How Content Marketing Impacts your Business Goals

Understand the influence of your content marketing on your deeper business goals. Visualize your customer journeys and see which posts, events and sources impact them.


The integration is free for subscribers of both TrenDemon and HubSpot.

Setup Help

Follow the steps below to get setup with this integration.


If you need help or want to talk to someone about the integration, please contact


The integration was built and is maintained by TrenDemon.


Step 1: In your TrenDemon account, go to the integrations section in the main menu and select the HubSpot Integration

Step 2: Log in to your HubSpot account to connect your HubSpot and TrenDemon accounts.

Step 3: When setting up new call to actions, you can target audiences based on HubSpot fields, or when capturing leads from your site, choose to which HubSpot list you want to send them to.

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