A couple of months ago we conducted a survey of marketers to understand more about their needs and strategies. A whopping 79% of the hundreds we surveyed said that they thought that it was hard to truly measure the impact of content. 79%.

So we know it’s hard (heck, that’s why our product exists), but how about the “why” in this equation? Why is content so hard to measure? We have a few ideas:

1) Too many tools, too many partial views

When we asked marketers about the tools they used, they named 6 different primary methods. I don’t know about you, but that seems insane to me. Each system has its own data, most of the time that data conflicts with our sources, and in the end, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

2) Session-centric

Somewhere, ages ago, Google Analytics decided to hang its hat on the single session. That may have made sense before, but these days, 70% of online conversions are multi-touch. Single session metrics are the tip of the iceberg.

3) Content blind metrics

For most analytics tools, a session is a session, and a pageview is a pageview. The truth is that a user interacts differently with a homepage than with a blog post.

Beyond that, there’s no weight given to categories. A product page is different than a knowledge base page, and so on. To properly measure, you need to take both behavior and subject matter into account, otherwise, you may be flying blind.

To properly measure, you need to take both behavior and subject matter into account, otherwise, you may be flying blind. Click To Tweet

4) Metrics, not actions

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared blankly at a screen full of data, waiting for something – anything!- to pop out at me. Knowing and acting are two different things. And they don’t usually correlate when it comes to online analytics. If you can’t easily understand what action you need to take in order to improve the performance of something or replicate its success, what’s the point of measuring in the first place? Actionable metrics are critical if you want to evolve and improve.

So what’s a marketer to do? Well – how about starting with registering for our webinar

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About Inbar Yagur

Inbar Yagur is the VP of Marketing at TrenDemon, helping empower content marketers with clear and actionable insights. Before TrenDemon, she helped write the rulebook for marketing on content discovery channels as the head of Creative Strategy for Taboola, working with brands and Fortune 500 companies.
Her passion is speaking to content marketers: Educating them about best practices and strategies, and helping them troubleshoot and optimize efforts.
Most importantly, she's a mother of 2, a rabid consumer of pop culture and politics, and a reciter of 90's SNL skits.