Webinar: Breaking the Funnel: A New Way to Measure Your Content

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Our content and marketing efforts are frequently divided between performance and engagement. One seems perfectly measurable, and the other seems fluffy. It’s almost as if these things don’t actually connect, even though we all know that they do. The problem is that we’re looking at things from the wrong angle. The marketing funnel is broken and it shouldn’t be put back together.

But what do we replace it with? How do we connect content performance and brand engagement? How do we create a content strategy that is measurable?
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In this session, you’ll learn about….

  • How a big global brand solved the awareness performance disconnect and turned content failure into marketing success.
  • How to redefine your funnel and metrics in a way that addresses the entire lifecycle of a customer.
  • How to implement this new approach and make sure it sticks.

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Avishai Sharon

Founder & CEO at TrenDemon, the leading content marketing attribution platform. Avishai has over a decade of experience helping brands grow their business with content.


Inbar Yagur

Inbar Yagur is the VP of Marketing at TrenDemon, helping empower content marketers with clear and actionable insights.Her passion is speaking to content marketers: Educating them about best practices and strategies, and helping them troubleshoot and optimize efforts.

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