Webinar: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

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Content marketing presents an immense business opportunity, but measuring and attributing its true effect on business goals is a huge challenge. To be harnessed effectively, content marketing requires new approaches and methodologies.

During our webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively measure and attribute content marketing
  • How better insights can help you supercharge your content
  • Tips on aligning your existing content with your sales/business goals
  • How to build content journeys that engage your audience

Join speakers Yael Kochman, a leading Content Marketing expert and Avishai Sharon, CEO and founder of TrenDemon. They will guide you through a new and innovative approach to content measurement – derived from over 10 years of content marketing experience with leading global brands.

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Avishai Sharon

Founder & CEO at TrenDemon, the leading content marketing attribution platform. Avishai has over a decade of experience helping brands grow their business with content.


Yael Kochman

Content and inbound marketing strategist, speaker and published blog author. Yael has been leading complex marketing operations, focusing primarily on content strategy and and driving performance through content.

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