Activating Intent

Transform anonymous website visitors into revenue

B2B marketers invest (a lot of) resources and money into bringing qualified visitors to their websites. However, 72% of visitors who land on the site through paid traffic leave after just one pageview!
With 6sense account-based data, Trendemon delivers personalized website experiences, guides visitors to top performing content and accelerates sales.

6sense + Trendemon = Better Together

Account identification powered by intent and firmographic data

6sense data is seamlessly integrated with Trendemon, enabling marketers to build audiences based on account’s identity, firmographic attributes (industry, revenue, size,...) and intent.

Personalized content orchestrations that boost revenue

Trendemon activates 6sense data by serving personalized content and calls to action. Effortlessly optimize website journeys to engage each visitor with the right content at the right time.

Converting intent into sales

Personalization made easy:

Automated website content scans generate offers and recommendations. Easily create personalized experiences using custom calls-to-actions and WYSIWYG HTML editors. No code necessary!

Optimized website journeys:

Forget about AB testing and manual optimization. Create account-based orchestrations that serve the most effective content and messages – measuring performance and Displaying The Best Offer Automatically.

Uncover engagement of target accounts:

Explore website engagement funnel of target accounts – from anonymous to opportunities, learn all about content attribution and how web pages drive revenue.

Boost revenue at scale:

Trendemon customers, powered by 6sense data, experience 5-18X Uplift in conversion rates of anonymous visitors into pipeline, and up to 70% More Sales Opportunities generated from the website.

“my online conversion rate (visitor to sales qualified lead) went up by 310%. Plus, it’s an easily integrated technology. Other tools simply don’t provide these advantages”
Idan Hershkovich
VP Marketing and Growth @ CatoNetworks