4 mins

Could your Personal Data be your Future Currency?

In almost every conversation we are having with a major brand, the topic of privacy and the handling of private users’ data is discussed. Of course, GDPR was the main trigger for these discussions. But today, now that the initial shockwaves have subsided a bit, it’s a good time to take a deeper look into ...

2 mins

USA, here we come!

It’s not every day a young and innovative startup gets a chance to meet with dozens of directors and VPs from the world’s top brands’ business units, hear what they focus on and share with them what they do. In February 2019 TrenDemon was selected to participate in “The Bridge Builders” Commercialization program. The program, ...

1 min

CEO Avishai Sharon Interviewed by ILTV

“Over 90% of content that companies produce is ineffective at driving business goals”. This was from Avishai Sharon, our CEO here at Trendemon, in his recent interview with ILTV about our product. Capturing only 10% of the market is a tremendous waste of resources, so why waste them? How can you capture more engagement from ...

1 min

Maximizing Your Content Every Step of the Way

Being a content marketer can be hard. You need to constantly be feeding the beast with new content and after a while, it can get difficult to always come up with fresh ideas. We get that. That’s why we wrote this new whitepaper. We set out to understand what made popular content successful at each ...

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