Effortless Personalization

Convert more anonymous visitors to pipeline opportunities with personalized account-based experiences.

Here's how Trendemon’s no-code solution increases website conversions by serving the right content to the right audience:

Build targeted audiences

Build audiences based on web activity, CRM data, company IP, traffic sources and campaigns, target lists, ABM segments, marketing automation attributes and much more.

Connect to your business goals

Connect to deep business outcomes like revenue, pipeline opportunities, Sales qualified leads from your CRM and marketing automation. These goals will serve as the north star for your buyers’ journeys.

Automatically find your most impactful content

Trendemon reverse engineers successful journeys to learn which content impacts which audience and goal and at what stage.

Automatically optimize buyer journeys on your site

After Trendemon uncovered your top performing pages and offers, it transforms them into personalized experiences on your site.

New! One-to-Won for Outreach

Convert 5X more meetings from hyper-personalized landing pages or content streams.
Align outbound with inbound efforts to maximize sales and marketing efficiency and ROI. Learn more

Effortlessly measure Lift

See how personalized experiences have impacted buyer journeys, engagement of target accounts and website conversion rates.

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