Prove Marketing Impact

Finding ROI shouldn’t be like pulling teeth

Trendemon offers much more than personalization. See how your content, channels, campaigns and website experiences affect outcomes and influence the journeys of buyers and accounts.

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Configure Deep Business Goals

Connect Trendemon with your existing goals in your marketing automation, CRM or your website. Goals serve as our north star that we attribute and optimize towards.

Visualize journeys

Understand how buyer journeys look like, where they originate from, return to, and which assets they engage with. This is the data Trendemon uses to attribute the impact of assets, experiences and traffic sources.


See Content's Impact

​​Learn which pages, posts and experiences inspire action, drive your pipeline and at what stage. Use these insights to focus your team  on which content to create, and where to drive traffic.

Where do intentful buyers come from

Discover which channels, sources, and campaigns are bringing your target audience. Maximize your media budget’s return on investment by guiding media buying and demand generation activities.

Uplift analysis made simple

Make peace with your CFO. Show leadership the true impact of your work, influence on the pipeline and the bottom line. Demonstrate how long-term investments in content, assets, and experiences pay off.

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Continue Tour → Audience-Based Content Elements