ACE - Audience-Based Content Elements

Audience-Based Content Elements

Audience-Based Content Elements

Personalize any element on any page and present unique content to different target audiences.

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Audience-Based Content Elements

Create Personalized Versions of The Same Page

Use Trendemon’s editor to revise any element, including, texts, images, links, and CTA’s.


Present page variations to different target audiences. Target by: firmographic data, website engagement metrics, Marketing Automation or CRM attributes, and more.


Dynamic Variables Powered by 6sense Data

Empower your page variation by incorporating personalized attributes like account name and industry.

Automated A/B Testing at Scale

Generate multiple page variations per target audience, compare their performance and declare a winner.

Track Performance

Measure the traffic of page variations on engagement and bottom-of-funnel goals like MQL, SQL, and opportunities.

One-To-Won Outreach
One-To-Won Outreach