New! One-To-Won Outreach for SDRs

What is One-To-Won?

ֿGo beyond the account level – Uncover and engage your actual buying group! Generate 5X higher conversion rates to meetings booked with hyper-personalized pages. Align SDRs outbound efforts with inbound insights and web personalization.

See how ☟

Sync Target contacts with Salesforce

Create Contact Target Lists that automatically sync with your Salesforce data. Select the fields you want to import and sync and then use them as you personalize specific pages on your site.

Personalize Any Page at the Contact Level

Generate thousands of personalized pages at the contact level in minutes. Trendemon will automatically send those URLs back into Salesforce where your SDR teams can use them in the outreach platforms like  Salesloft, Outreach, Apollo or via the marketing automation systems.These pages generate a 5X higher conversion rate into meetings.


Streams - AI-powered Content Sequences for Roles and Accounts

Easily ensure every persona from your buying group is on the right track. Manually curate or let our AI recommend the optimal sequence of pages for your target audience. In addition to web pages, you can also add PDFs or videos to your Streams, to fully empower your buyers.

Connect Outbound with Inbound

Maximize ROI by aligning your outbound and inbound with connected journeys. Visualize and personalize buyer journey originated from your outbound campaigns to create a holistic content experience that generates game-changing results.

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Learn More!