Let’s pop the hood

From running highly personalized campaigns that captivate your audience, gaining marketing impact insights to setting automated orchestrations that streamline your sales pipeline, we’ve got you covered.

Run Personalized Campaigns Across Your Website

Pick from a wide range of engagement types – promotions, surveys, content recommendations and lead capture forms connected with your marketing automation. Learn more from our use-cases page on boosting website conversions.

Orchestrations - Automatically Set Audiences on The Path to Pipeline

Forget laborious A/B testing and put your buyer journeys on autopilot. Serve your target audiences with the offers you’ve created and let Trendemon automatically optimize between the most engaging experiences that also convert.

ACE - Personalize and Test Any Elements on Any Page

ACE (Audience-based Content Elements) enables you to revise any element, including, texts, images, links, and CTA’s and present it based on audience attributes.
Present page variations to different target audiences. Target by: firmographic data, website engagement metrics, Marketing Automation or CRM attributes, and more. Learn More.

Audience-Based Content Elements

Streams - Content Sequences That Your Audience will Binge

Manually select the content you want to display in the stream, or let our AI suggest and sort the optimal content based on its performance. Capture your audience’s attention with a diverse range of content formats – webpages, PDFs, and videos. Learn More.

One-to-Won - Hyper-Personalized Experiences for Outbound Contacts

Go beyond the account level – Uncover and engage your actual buying group! Generate 5X higher conversion rates to meetings booked with hyper-personalized pages. Align SDRs outbound efforts with inbound insights and web personalization Learn more

Trendemon Explore - Learn How Your Website Impacts Outcomes

Learn which pages, posts and experiences drive engagement and sales pipeline. Use these insights to focus your team  on which content to create, and where to drive traffic. Learn more here

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