New! Enhance Buyer Journey's With Streams

What Are Streams?

Streams – Personalized content sequences for specific personas and accounts 

Engage your prospects with personalized content sequences. Curate full journeys – from landing page to conversion.

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AI-Powered Journeys

Manually select the content you want to display in the stream, or let our AI suggest and sort the optimal content based on its performance. Capture your audience’s attention with a diverse range of content formats – webpages, PDFs, and videos.

PDFs and Gated Content

Enhance your content streams by seamlessly incorporating PDF assets. Amplify the impact of your PDFs by gating them with a form to effectively capture valuable leads and boost your conversion rates.


Facilitate Diverse Use-Cases in Marketing and Sales Teams

Personalize your content streams for personas and accounts to support Sales & Marketing efforts. Empower your outbound SDRs with captivating content streams to share with prospects and educate them about your product. Equip your marketing teams with content sequences they can utilize in email marketing or following webinars.

Personalize the Journey of Each Target Contact

Automatically sync streams with your Salesforce target lists to generate a unique stream URL for each prospect.  Trendemon will automatically send those URLs back into Salesforce, enabling your SDR teams to leverage them within outreach platforms such as: Salesloft, Outreach, Apollo, or Marketing Automation tools.

Get Actionable Insights In Real-Time

Receive a real-time notification whenever a target contact views their personalized Stream. Explore full journeys of each lead, and get insights on how your content is impacting business goals and ROI.

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