ABM - Accelerate Pipeline

Place target accounts on the path to conversion

ABM personalization shouldn’t end at the landing page. Ensure your target accounts see the right content. Understand how your digital assets impact target audiences and empower your sales team with timely alerts.

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Sync target audiences

Connect to your target lists on Salesforce, upload a CSV or configure target accounts based on firmographic data or 6sense segments.

Create offers

Choose from several types of offers – promote landing pages, show forms or suggest content. Using our WYSIWYG editor, you can design them based on a large library of creatives and styles.


Build Orchestrations

Put your buyer journeys on autopilot. Serve your target audiences with the offers you’ve created and let Trendemon optimize between the most engaging experiences that also convert.

Find marketing impact on target accounts

Attribute the impact of your assets and activities on target accounts. See the top content they’re engaged with, which traffic sources they arrive from and what’s the overall impact of your website on their progress.

Alert sales when accounts trend

You can set up real-time alerts and periodic reports for any member of your team. Discover what their true interests are and how engaged they are on their journey.

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