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See why industry leaders prefer Trendemon over Triblio to orchestrate journeys at scale and convert target accounts into buyers.

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Trendemon automatically orchestrates buyer journeys on your website and personalizes your content to multiply performance of segmented audience and target accounts.

Website Personalization Yes Yes
Autonomous Journey Optimization Yes No
Personalized Content Recommendations Yes No
Content Streams for Outreach Yes No
Content Attribution Yes No
Free Trial Yes No
Pricing Model Transparent Undisclosed
Score 4.6 4.2

Trendemon improves your content ROI

ABM Personalization

Personalizing your website is just one click away. Create web campaigns, pop-ups, embedded units, surveys, forms and control your flow with a simple 4-step wizard. Use Trendemon’s pre-styled templates and audience engine to manage personalized journeys at scale.

Actionable Account Insights

Trendemon is powered by 6sense firmographic data so you can quickly understand how your website affects ABM. Explore website journeys of target accounts, measure their business goals, and learn all about content attribution of each page on your website.

Increase Revenue

Integrate your CRM with Trendemon to understand our contribution to pipeline lift, journeys acceleration and opportunities who engage with your website.

Account-Based Orchestration

Let Trendemon guide your target accounts to the next best content. Define your Target lists, business goals and personalization units, and Trendemon will automatically display the right offer to the right account at exactly the right time.


Convert your target accounts into known visitors using Trendemon’s website orchestration.

Explore the full buyer’s journey and understand what leads to conversion.

Super quick deployment and setup time, in less than an hour you can start exploring how your website affects winning customers.

Powered by 6sense firmographic data, Trendemon enables you to personalize and affect each click on your website.

My online conversion rate (visitor to known lead) went up by 310%. Every B2B company website needs Trendemon to direct people to the right places and provide guidance to content creators. Plus, it’s an easily integrated technology. Other tools simply don’t provide these advantages

Idan Hershkovich, VP Marketing @ CatoNetworks


Trendemon integrates with major Marketing Automation, CRM & ABM software including: Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Drift and 6sense to provide the best firmographic intent data.

These integrations let you see how people from target accounts engage with your site and then serve them more relevant personalized content and call-to-action at scale.

Web Personalization Made Easy

See how Trendemon beats Triblio every day.

Convert website visitors to customers, not just leads!

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