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“My online conversion rate (visitor to known lead) went up by 310%. Every B2B company website needs Trendmeon to direct people to the right places and provide guidance to content creators. Plus, it’s an easily integrated technology. Other tools simply don’t provide these advantages”
Idan Hershkovich
Idan Hershkovich
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing @ CatoNetworks
“Trendemon makes website personalization easy. Any team member — writer, demand gen manager, etc. — can easily create and deploy personalizations on the websites. We also love that we can get insights into user journeys to help us create better content and better web experiences”
Beth Hanson
Beth Hanson
Web Marketing Manager @ Perforce
“Their ABM capabilities is awesome! exactly what B2B marketers needs to analyze marketing attribution and convert target accounts”
Debbie Schraibman
Debbie Schraibman
Digital Marketing Manager @ Hailo
“An excellent system for increasing conversions on the site with the help of personalization. Very intuitive and easy to operate with many personalization options and great data analysis”
Moran Ismach
Moran Ismach
Marketing Automation lead @ Lumenis

From Maze to Amaze

From Maze to Amaze

Works great with

Journey orchestration and personalization platform

How it works

A 3-step feedback loop which connects customer journey mapping, revenue attribution and real-time personalization to improve impact of marketing assets on outcomes.

Define Audiences

Easily configure audiences based on marketing automation, CRM and ABM attributes and segments.

Generate Creatives

Trendemon automatically scans your website content to create recommendations and offers.

Personalize Experiences

Serve relevant content recommendations, surveys or calls-to-action to different audiences on your website.

Success in Numbers


conversion rates uplift of anonymous visitors into pipeline


return on investment (ROI) from Trendemon


increase of total number of sales opportunities

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