Getting Started With Trendemon:

Introducing our new video series, “The Playbook” where we share valuable insights, tips, and best practices on how to get the most out of our product, Trendemon. Discover how our platform can help you effortlessly optimize your campaigns, increase conversions, and accelerate your pipeline all under the same umbrella.

Intro - Getting Started with Trendemon

An intro to Trendemon’s journey orchestration and personalization solution for B2B companies to accelerate revenue generation from their website. Learn how to get started with Trendemon with just a few simple steps: connect Trendemon to your site, set up targeted audiences, and achieve your business goals. Get started today and watch your revenue soar, it only takes a few minutes!

Creating Personalized Experiences on your website

Learn how to create and run campaigns on your website using Trendemon. This will empower you to turn your website visitors’ experience into a personalized journey. We review the various types of campaigns at your disposal. The goal of our campaigns is to offer effortless, goal-driven personalization at scale. Follow our example campaign, track KPIs, and connect output to outcome – all with Trendemon.

Measuring Personalization Impact and ROI

Discover our “Accelerated by Trendemon” dashboard which provides insights into conversion rate uplift, engagement uplift, coverage, and Pipeline Accelerated, allowing you to evaluate the impact of Trendemon on actual pipeline and revenue. Additionally, we review our audience and goals dashboard that helps to understand the overall economic impact, mapping out the value of opportunities as they progress through their journey and highlighting specific points where Trendemon accelerated it. With these tools, you can uncover the true ROI of Trendemon and measure its impact on your business.

Automating Personalization

Uncover Trendemon’s automated personalization and how it can optimize your campaigns with goal-driven content recommendations and self-optimizing algorithms. With offers as essential orchestrations, top-performing content is effortlessly displayed to target visitors. Automatic scanning and scoring ensure the right content for each stage of the journey. Let Trendemon do the heavy lifting for your campaigns.

One-To-Won: Improve Outbound Emails With 5x Higher Conversion Rates

We at Trendemon, are revealing our biggest upgrade in the past 2 years, with the introduction of what we call “One-To-Won,” (OTW). OTW enables outbound SDRs to achieve a 5X higher conversion rate to meetings booked. After testing this out over the past several months, we are excited to share these results with you.

Personalize Effortlessly

See how Trendemon can increase conversion of anonymous target visitors to pipeline opportunities without requiring developers, designers or data scientists.