Free Website Economic Evaluation Offer

Get a FREE economic impact analysis of your website. This analysis is designed to help you understand how your website is performing and identify opportunities to improve its return on investment. You will learn:

> The economic return in $ of your website.
> Where target accounts are dropping?
> Which channels bring the most engaged accounts?
> How your content is impacting accounts and pipeline?

How it works and what does it require from you?

1 – Sign up for a free audit below.
2 – Fill short form about your goals and target audiences.
3 – Add our script to your website and that’s it!

No complex integration or set up needed, we do the heavy lifting from our end.

For 3 minutes of your time in sign up and setup time, save 30 hours worth of analysts time in insights!

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About Trendemon - Solve Your Website's Inefficiency

Effortless personalization across the website

Creating personalization campaigns is easy.
Any team member — writer, demand gen manager, and more — can easily create and deploy personalizations on websites.
Trendemon makes customizing your site for your audience a breeze.

Actionable insights about your target buyers

Get insights into your user journeys to help you create better content and optimal web experiences.
Performance metrics on CTAs and content help inform on-site and off-site SEO efforts.

Boost ROI from digital assets

Report on the ROI of your content. Analyze the performance for any audience segment, funnel stage, source of referral, geolocation, previously consumed content, etc.
Get a positive impact on your conversion rates.

Impact your buyers’ journeys in real-time

Trendemon lets you influence the user journey by presenting relevant information to their topics of interest depending on where they are on the site.
This influence allows you to present gated content when the visitor is more likely to be interested.