Free Website Economic Evaluation Offer

Get a FREE economic impact analysis of your website. This analysis is designed to help you understand how your website is performing and identify opportunities to improve its return on investment. You will learn:

> The economic return in $ of your website.
> Where target accounts are dropping?
> Which channels bring the most engaged accounts?
> How your content is impacting accounts and pipeline?

How it works and what does it require from you?

1 – Sign up for a free audit below.
2 – Fill short form about your goals and target audiences.
3 – Add our script to your website and that’s it!

No complex integration or set up needed, we do the heavy lifting from our end.

For 3 minutes of your time in sign up and setup time, save 30 hours worth of analysts time in insights!

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About Trendemon - Solve Your Website's Inefficiency

Effortless personalization across the website

Creating personalization campaigns is easy.
Any team member — writer, demand gen manager, and more — can easily create and deploy personalizations on websites.
Trendemon makes customizing your site for your audience a breeze.

Actionable insights about your target buyers

Get insights into your user journeys to help you create better content and optimal web experiences.
Performance metrics on CTAs and content help inform on-site and off-site SEO efforts.

Boost ROI from digital assets

Report on the ROI of your content. Analyze the performance for any audience segment, funnel stage, source of referral, geolocation, previously consumed content, etc.
Get a positive impact on your conversion rates.

Impact your buyers’ journeys in real-time

Trendemon lets you influence the user journey by presenting relevant information to their topics of interest depending on where they are on the site.
This influence allows you to present gated content when the visitor is more likely to be interested.

Sarah G.
Marketing Manager Enterprise
Trendemon has transformed the way we market
The number of opportunities it provides is truly endless. We are never short on ideas and Trendemon is never short of upgrading the platform to better fit our needs.
Ryan C.
Digital Marketing Manager - Computer Software
Trendemom makes web personalization easy
It is so simple to use. You can get up to speed quickly and start launching very personalized campaigns targeting certain audience groups that are visiting your website. We have seen great success!
Moran I
Moran I.
Marketing Automation Lead at Lumenis
An excellent system for increasing conversions on the site with the help of personalization
Very intuitive and easy to operate with many campaign options and great data analysis
Sara B.
Sarah B.
Director of Marketing Technology at Perforce Software
Amazing tool for website personalization and content optimization. Highly recommend!
Love that we can report on the ROI of our content using TrenDemon's reporting features! Seeing our user journeys laid out like this has been a game-changer for our content team in optimizing their content and CTAs. We also love how quick and easy TrenDemon makes website personalization - so much more efficient than our previous tool which required the help of our Web Developers. Now we can have...
Natasha F.
Computer Software
Amazing tool
A flexible and powerful platform allowing customer journeys to be created on the website and traffic to be driven according to our preferences. It is very easy to use and intuitive. Reporting is good.
Julia P.
Director of Marketing - Computer & Network Security
Wonderful platform
Their service Their dashboards Their email reports
Dana B.
Web Marketing Specialist - Computer Software
TrenDemon is an absolute must have for accelerating the user journey
TrenDemon is an invaluable tool for our team. We can now make meaningful, personalized content and offers for our prospects and customers based on the content they've already consumed.
Beth H.
Web Marketing Manager at Perforce Software
Website Personalization Made Easy!
TrenDemon makes website personalization easy. Any team member — writer, demand gen manager, etc. — can easily create and deploy personalizations on the websites. We also love that we can get insights into user journeys to help us create better content and better web experiences.
Inbar N
Inbar N.
Digital Marketing Manager at Panaya | B2B | SaaS
Great tool, fantastic customer service
The tool's capabilities are jaw-dropping, allowing you to streamline users' journeys on your site, and optimize accordingly. The customer service team is fantastic, and always happy to help with issues and suggest new ideas.
Jack V
Jack V.
Great Analytics tool that also provides content personalization
Trendemon provides a mix of tools that allow us to improve our user experience while getting amazing analytics. We know exactly how our content performs, and at which step in the funnel. The tool is very intuitive and user friendly. It allows us to create custom exit popups and content recommendations. Trendemon integrates with Marketo, and that gives us the ability to create various audiences...