The Company


Why we started this company?

Frustration and Curiosity. Back in 2015, as digital marketers ourselves, we struggled to show the impact stories have on outcomes. We also love to ask What If?  What if measuring the impact of content marketing on sales could be made simple? What if we could automate the way those insights are used?

We decided to act; in 2015 we founded Trendemon to help marketers easily connect the dots between their efforts, while simultaneously leveraging data science and automation to deliver demonstrable results. 

What We Do

Trendemon is the only attribution-powered personalization platform that not only shows the impact of marketing on sales but also leverages real-time personalization to accelerate growth.

How’s it going?

We are proud to serve the world’s leading unicorns and hyper-growth startups, in addition to Fortune 500 companies. They keep pushing us to be better at pushing them to improve. 

What do we all share?

A healthy disregard for the impossible. A strong belief that life’s too short to waste on ego, politics, and low-leverage activities and long enough to build lasting relationships, meaningful products and always continue exploring.  

Who are you?

Are you a builder-explorer who likes a good challenge? Curious and driven?  Do you want to own and grow in your domain rather than fill a function? If so, we’d love to connect! Check out our open positions here: