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Technology partners

Trendemon, with the support of our technology partners, delivers website personalization at scale. We power our customers with the following capabilities:

Define target audiences based on 1st party data like Marketing Automation, CRM, ABM and Chatbot activity

Automatically sync ABM segments into Trendemon and target high intent accounts

Connect to deep business goals based on Marketing Automation and CRM attributes (MQL, SQL, opportunity)

Activate website orchestrations to optimize content journeys and boost conversions to business goals

Sync Trendemon with CRM platforms to learn how we impact pipeline opportunities of website visitors

See website engagement data inside HubSpot, SalesForce and more

Why partner with Trendemon?

Increase value and boost revenue for your customers by delivering complementary solutions

Join forces in GTM activities.

Easy seamless integration

Get access to potential customers and increase win rates

Our partnership program is free! It’s a win-win situation 🙂

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“My online conversion rate (visitor to known lead) went up by 310%. Plus, it’s an easily integrated technology. Other tools simply don’t provide these advantages”
Idan Hershkovich
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing @ CatoNetworks

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