Outbrain Proves and Improves Value for Clients

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that helps advertisers get their content discovered through recommendation units on publishers’ websites. More than 35,000 websites carry Outbrain’s promoted articles, while the company delivers more than 275 billion recommendations and one billion users each month. Our partnership with Outbrain started a little over a year ago with a ...

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Why Is Content So Hard to Measure?

A couple of months ago we conducted a survey of marketers to understand more about their needs and strategies. A whopping 79% of the hundreds we surveyed said that they thought that it was hard to truly measure the impact of content. 79%. So we know it’s hard (heck, that’s why our product exists), but how ...

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Meet Us at Intelligent Content Conference!

The old-fashioned marketing funnel just isn’t cutting it anymore. Join me and Avishai at the Intelligent Content Conference where we’ll discuss how to break the marketing funnel and measure your content in a way that is actionable and addresses the entire user journey. Come see us on March 21st at 12:15pm at the M Hotel ...

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What B2B Content Marketing Looks Like in 2018

It started with a small idea. “Let’s survey B2B Marketers to see what they’re doing with their content right now.” We see 1000s of data points around Content Marketing every day. What’s missing is the marketers themselves. What do they care about? How are they tackling their challenges? So out the survey went. Over 500 ...

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