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Live Event Recap: B2B Growth Playbooks

We recently co-hosted an exciting in-person event with Envy, where top B2B marketing experts shared their most effective strategies. The event featured 8 sessions, each filled with actionable advice and real-world examples. Here’s a closer look at two of these sessions:

Learning From Failure – How to Build and Grow an ABM Strategy from Scratch

Hosted by Michal Hershkovitz, Sr. Demand Generation Manager at JFrog, and Avishai Sharon, CEO and Founder of Trendemon.

  • Mid-Year Benchmarks: Insightful 2024 mid-year benchmarks provided by Trendemon regarding B2B buyer journey.
  • ABM Onboarding Playbook: A comprehensive look at JFrog’s ABM onboarding process and key initial KPIs to measure.

Leveraging Intent – From Local Initiatives to Global Strategy

Hosted by Hillel Zvi, SEO & ABM Lead at CheckPoint, and Avishai Sharon.

  • Unified GTM Motions: The challenges CheckPoint faced in creating a unified GTM strategy.
  • Target Account Selection: Hillel’s method for identifying and prioritizing target accounts. 
  • Key Takeaways: Uncover the critical insights from CheckPoint’s execution of their new ABM motion.

View the full presentations here.