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Core Package Includes:



  • Content Attribution
  • Multi-touch traffic sources (referrals and campaigns) attribution
  • Attribution of events (like video view, downloads and signups) to goals
  • Journey Mapping
  • Navigator Promotion Recommendations



  • Marketing automation integration (Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, Act-on and others)
  • CRM integration
  • Distribution Channels integration


Support & CS

  • 8/5 Email Support
  • Onboarding
  • Quarterly Review Session



  • Track up to 3 subdomains
  • Track unlimited number of events or pages
  • Up to 3 seats

Additional Features & Services:

Automated Journey Optimization

Automated Journey Optimization

  • Personalized content recommendations
  • On site retargeting
  • Fully customizable calls to action
  • Trigger CTA by marketing automation status


Support & CS

  • Priority phone & email support
  • 2 onboardings / year
  • Monthly review session

Common Questions

What new information will I learn from TrenDemon’s Analytics?

TrenDemon will provide you insights about the typical and individual conversion journeys in your site. We will show you typical journeys from your traffic sources and a breakdown of each individual journey, which content they read in each session, the time it took them to complete the journey and more. We will show you the true ROI  for each traffic source based on a content marketing relevant attribution model. This will tell you how well your content is performing, which topics and posts perform best in relation to a given goal and which traffic sources provide the best results.
By presenting best performing content and content scoring you can learn what content to use when buying new traffic, which content converts the best and for which goal, show it to new visitors and which content should be improved.

Why integrate TrenDemon to my marketing automation platform?

By integrating your Marketing Automation service (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Act-on, Silverpop, Autopilot and others), you can present your forms in our Call-to-Actions and all captured leads will go directly to your Marketing Automation. You can also present different Call-to-Actions according to the status of each visitor and by that trigger them to reach the right goal for each one.

What value will TrenDemon’s Optimization provide?

After we analyze your visitors journeys, it’s time to take action. Use TrenDemon’s Call To Actions to attract visitors to convert to your goals, if it’s for free sign ups, newsletter registrations and even for online purchase. Use TrenDemon’s content recommendations to nurture and optimize those content journeys. By showing in your content areas best performing posts to increase conversions and reads. All our Optimization unit’s include state of the art design. You can also customize the look & feel to match your website UI.

How Easy is TrenDemon to Setup?

TrenDemon’s platform is super easy to use, all you need to do is add our code to your website and set the goals. The rest will happen automatically. Journeys and goals will create funnels, best content posts will be presented to visitors and you will get actionable insights very fast.

What are Professional Services?

As part of our professional services, we provide full support for creating call-to-actions,  reporting, CSS/UI customizations as needed and a monthly one-on-one with our dedicated Customer Success manager.

Startups, Agencies, Non-profits?

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