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Account Based Marketing – How can TrenDemon help you close enterprise accounts?

We’re proud to share our most extensive product release to date, with new powerful Account Based Marketing capabilities that will supercharge your marketing performance:

  • Turn anonymous traffic to identified visits from enterprises and see from which specific campaigns your key accounts are coming from: 
    • Why is this important? This will help you find out whether your marketing campaigns are effective at bringing in relevant visitors. Improve your ROI by focusing on those channels that actually yield the most relevant and engaged enterprise audiences. 
  • See how your content engaged target accounts:
    • Why is this important? Learn whether after relevant visitors come to your site, they are actually engaging with your content and assets. This will help guide your content creation and promotion efforts for enterprise accounts. Also, see how many people from each company are visiting your assets. 
  • Create custom audiences based on accounts and behaviors: 
    •  Why is this important? This capability enables you to track specific audience groups or segments in your site as well as serve them personalized content or calls-to-action. It will help you better engage your enterprise customers, serve them more relevant content and accelerate your pipeline. 

Check out this quick video showing the latest ABM capabilities we’ve added (recommended with speakers/headphones):

The Challenge – Uncovering the Journey of an entire enterprise Account 

Over the past 2 years we’ve been working with dozens of B2B marketing teams. Their key challenge is making sense of how their combined efforts in creating and promoting their digital assets are impacting target enterprise accounts. These journeys are many months long, heavily dependent on the consumption of relevant content and involving multiple people and decision makers.

The Main Question – Are our marketing efforts truly move people from target accounts through our pipeline 

Due to the complex nature of these journeys, marketers struggle answering a fundamental question – are we doing a good job? The irony is that when deals do close, the sales team usually gets the credit, while if they don’t, it’s the marketers fault for bringing in non-relevant leads. So, we’ve been working closely with our customers to help account-based marketers identify, track and improve the impact of their content marketing on target accounts and industries. You can read more on the Account-Based Marketing methodology and its connecting with Content marketing and content marketing analytics.

Leveraging TrenDemon for Account-Based Marketing on your site

Here is the basic process our customers use and how TrenDemon’s new capabilities can support their efforts:

1 – Step 1 – Identify – Identify incoming visitors from key accounts and define them as audiences

  • From which campaigns, channels and sources are they coming from? 
  • Which % of your traffic is from known companies within your target group

2  – Step 2 – Analyze–  Find how your digital assets are impacting those audiences

  • How visitors from each account engage with your website, blog, and any digital asset?
  • Are they returning to your assets to consume more content and perform events which indicate intent?

3 – Step 3 – Activate – Remarket to those audiences and serve them relevant content and calls-to-action.

  • Serve personalized content recommendations to key accounts.
  • Share relevant audiences with media networks.

TrenDemon’s New Capabilities to support ABM

(requires joining the ABM plan – contact us for more info):

1. Deanonymize traffic and identify visitors from companies

Most people visiting your site will not leave their contact details or sign up however some will arrive from relevant companies. With TrenDemon, you will be able to de-anonymize your incoming traffic and identify from which companies people are visiting your site. Furthermore, which people who are not identified leads, are engaging with your content and digital assets. 

2. See from which specific campaigns your key accounts are coming from:

You will be able to see from which marketing campaigns people from target companies came from, and which of those visits were the first time they came to your site. 

See from which specific campaigns and channels your target accounts really come from.

3. Measure and track how your digital assets are engaging enterprise customers

The ABM Company Details page will show you which individual pages users from that company were most engaged with and track their engagement over time.

See with which digital assets your key accounts have engaged with the most.

4. Create custom audiences based a on any combination of engagement and identity parameters
With TrenDemon’s new Audience Management module you will be able to define any type of audience based on any combination of identity and behavioral attributes. This will enable you to track audiences rather than events and gauge their progress within the customer journey.

Create any type of audience segment, based on behavioral attributes, account info, visit origin, device and more.

5. Serve any content or call-to-action to any audience, account or industry.
Once you’ve created your desired audiences, you can now activate them more easily. Serve them targeted messages and specific content items which you’ve seen perform well for this audience via the audience insights sections..

Show calls-to-action to specific audiences and accounts

6. Engage your audiences and enterprise accounts with new embedded calls-to-action
Now you can incorporate calls-to-action to and creatives within your text, creating more natural and seamless reading experiences.

To learn more and give TrenDemon’s new ABM capabilities a try, contact us