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Audience Trust is the Future: Intelligent Content Conference Recap

I just flew in from Las Vegas and boy are my arms tired!

We spent last week at CMI’s Intelligent Content Conference, where we got to speak to content marketers about the future of content marketing measurement.

You can find our deck here.

But beyond that, we had the opportunity to learn from other ICC speakers. In a conference that is known for being tech-heavy, there was a huge emphasis on the people on the other side of the technology.

In his opening keynote, Robert Rose pointed out that in our fragmented media landscape, the lines between content and content marketing become more and more blurred. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being the level playing field, and the curse being the rise of fake news and the degradation of trust.

In this new landscape, your biggest asset is audience trust. Building that through a thoughtful content strategy will be key to longevity, according to Rose.

Trust was a key theme for other speakers as well. Andy Crestodina talked about the importance of sharing knowledge as a way to establish trust with your audience.

Melanie Deziel challenged us to think like a journalist to bring more authenticity to our content.

Megan Gilhooly discussed how to put the customer first when creating your content strategy.

For us, the speakers were preaching to the choir. Our company values center around trust and putting the customer first. We know it works, and we can back it up: Our data shows that audience trust is clearly correlated with positive ROI – with return visitors to your content being 3-5 times more likely to complete a business goal.

In short – an attentive, trusting audience is also great for business.

An attentive, trusting audience is also great for business. Share on X

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