It started with a small idea. “Let’s survey B2B Marketers to see what they’re doing with their content right now.”

We see 1000s of data points around Content Marketing every day. What’s missing is the marketers themselves. What do they care about? How are they tackling their challenges?

So out the survey went. Over 500 marketers completed it over the course of a month. Then it was time to crunch the numbers.

What we discovered was that combining our own data points with those of hundreds of marketers reveals some fascinating insights. It was – in short – enlightening.

Now we want to share those insights with you. We’ve created a whitepaper that pulls everything together. Give it a read – we think you’ll enjoy it.

About Inbar Yagur

Inbar Yagur is the VP of Marketing at TrenDemon, helping empower content marketers with clear and actionable insights. Before TrenDemon, she helped write the rulebook for marketing on content discovery channels as the head of Creative Strategy for Taboola, working with brands and Fortune 500 companies.
Her passion is speaking to content marketers: Educating them about best practices and strategies, and helping them troubleshoot and optimize efforts.
Most importantly, she's a mother of 2, a rabid consumer of pop culture and politics, and a reciter of 90's SNL skits.