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Calculating Website ROI For The Average Guy [or Gal]

Now more than ever, businesses are prioritizing efficiency over growth; you need to be able to show proof of value, or you’ll be wished adieu. However, figuring out your website ROI can be hard as f**k, or is it?

As we know, ROI consists of 2 parts, the return, and the investment; the investment part is usually straightforward as it’s usually how much you spend on your website. The real challenge is finding the return. In this post, we will share a new approach for finding return – meaning the dollar value your website is generating. 

Taking a Page From The Sales Playbook

Similar to the way we can find the value of a sales pipeline by multiplying the deal stage with probability, we can use the same methodology on our website. Keeping all this in mind; we can connect business goals achieved with account engagement and conversion probability, to find the dollar value of an account at every stage.

Here is an example of such a calculation, to be read from right to left:

Roi Report

Stay tuned – In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a detailed post about our methodology, how to calculate this, and how to use this.

How To Use This Information Effectively

We’ve gone over how to measure ROI, now let’s talk about how to use this data to improve efficiency. Here are 3 main aspects to consider:

1. Measuring and Tracking Overall Website ROI: 

  • Are the monthly investments in my website [content, channels, technologies] yielding a positive ROI? 
  • This is also a reference point for tracking month over month impact.

2. Optimizing Channels Spend:

  • Understanding which channels have the greatest economic impact. For example, traffic from LinkedIn versus from organic search. 

3. Optimizing Content Effectiveness:

  • Which content drives the most revenue, what should I create more, or repurpose?
  • Which areas and assets on my website are driving the most conversions for my target audiences? And therefore should be promoted. 

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