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CEO Avishai Sharon Interviewed by ILTV

“Over 90% of content that companies produce is ineffective at driving business goals”.

This was from Avishai Sharon, our CEO here at Trendemon, in his recent interview with ILTV about our product.

Capturing only 10% of the market is a tremendous waste of resources, so why waste them? How can you capture more engagement from your users? That’s where TrenDemon comes in. By tracking individual user journeys to understand what content is most successful, TrenDemon can help you maximize ROI.

Today, we work with 90 companies across the world, who all have different products and business goals. Because of our unique method of looking at specific customer journeys, we are able to operate in any environment, with any product.

Watch Avishai’s full interview here to learn more about the product:

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