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Top 9 Content Personalization Software Solutions

B2B buyers are champions of effective time management, which is why they hate wasting time receiving generic ads from businesses that don’t solve their problems or soothe their pain points. As a marketer, the ideal way to avoid irritating B2B buyers is by delivering relevant, informative content when they need it most, such as when they search for your business or visit your website. And what’s more relevant than personalized content?

70% of buyers now expect to receive personalized content, and 80% say they’re more likely to purchase from a company that provides a tailored experience. In response, 97% of B2B marketers plan to maintain or increase their personalization budget over the next five years.

There’s one tiny hurdle to overcome with personalization—it’s relatively slow and labor-intensive. Fortunately, marketers can use content personalization software solutions to make the whole process easier, more efficient, and faster. 

Let’s take a closer look at content personalization software solutions, their benefits, and the top 9 content personalization solutions that get the job done right.

What are content personalization software solutions?

Content personalization is a marketing strategy that uses consumers’ online behavioral data to deliver tailored web pages and other content to them. The goal is to engage prospects by providing content relevant to their needs and interests, encouraging them to move down the sales funnel, and increasing conversion rates. 
For example, if a customer abandons their basket at checkout, you could send them a personalized special offer, coupon, or discount that makes them feel appreciated—and may entice them further towards making a purchase.

Online customer journey

If personalization sounds like a hefty task, that’s because it is. To mediate this, marketers use content personalization software solutions that take the legwork out of content creation by automatically customizing your content based on visitors’ online behavior. Marketing automation solutions like content personalization software enable you to deliver personalized experiences on a mass scale at a rate that would be impossible for your content and marketing teams. 

Types of Content Personalization Software Solutions

While all content personalization software solutions use data, not all the data is the same. Many solutions split customers into segments based on demographic or firmographic data, then serve personalized content based on the information gathered about a particular segment.

You can take segmentation one step further by using content personalization software that tracks customer behavior data to collect persona-based insights. This data includes the history of their recent searches and purchases, website visits, and more. It gives your marketing team a deeper understanding of the customer’s pain points and problems. 

If you aim to deliver personalized content at each stage of the sales funnel, not just at the TOFU stage, a journey orchestration platform might be a better option. Platforms like this better align sales and marketing teams by mapping out how far along a customer is in their sales journey and delivering personalized content accordingly. 

Benefits of Content Personalization Software Solutions

  • Boosts customer engagement: 74% of marketers agree that content personalization significantly impacts engagement, which helps convert more leads into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Content personalization software like Trendemon even identifies anonymous visitors in the dark funnel who would otherwise slip through the gaps.
  • Reduces customer churn: 48% of consumers admit they’ve ditched a company’s website and purchased elsewhere due to a poor experience. Your website only has a few precious seconds to make a positive impression on the visitor – personalization software helps make this possible.
  • Higher ROI: 51% of retailers say their personalization strategy generates at least 300% ROI. Not bad!
Personalization benefits

Key Features to Look For in Content Personalization Software Solutions

No two marketing teams are created equal – each has different goals, requirements, and capabilities. Before selecting a content personalization software solution, it’s essential to define what you hope to achieve with it. Forward-thinking will put you in a better position to choose a solution that fits your specific objectives. 

Here are some of the most in-demand features to help you get started:

No-Code Capabilities 

If you don’t have a web or software developer working on your team, consider choosing a solution that offers simple no-code installation, a helpful customer support team, and can be used without prior technical knowledge. 

A/B Testing

Some solutions have built-in A/B testing so you can compare the effectiveness of different content assets and make the right choices at each stage of your campaign. 


Take the manual work out of personalization by opting for a software solution that does it for you, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

Make sure your personalized content pushes visitors down the funnel with buyer’s journey mapping features. 

Top 9 Content Personalization Software Solutions

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub could be your new ally if you’re juggling a ton of content on many platforms that generate a lot of data. It puts all your marketing tools and data under one roof, so you can deliver personalized messaging at scale using HubSpot’s automation features. 

Best For: SEO optimization.

Price: Free trial, then a tiered pricing structure: $45/month for Starter, $800/month for Professional, and $3,600/month for Enterprise. 

Review: “I quickly realized how easy it is to have everything in the marketing hub working seamlessly together. Hubspot has made it easy for me to understand how helpful this will be to me moving forward and growing my business.”

2. Trendemon


Trendemon is a journey orchestration and personalization platform that connects the dots between customer journey mapping, revenue attribution, and real-time personalization. The result? A 10-20X ROI thanks to aligned customer journeys and better online conversion rates. Trendemon makes personalization more manageable than ever by helping you deliver customized content to every website visitor at the right stage. 

Best For: Personalizing content at scale and ABM campaigns.

Price: Tiered usage-based plans, between $1,499 for the Starter package and $4,099 for a Pro subscription. There’s also a free 30-day trial.

Review: “An excellent system for increasing conversions on the site with the help of personalization. Very intuitive and easy to operate with many personalization options and great data analysis.”

3. Hushly


Hushly brings together web and content personalization in one handy platform. It enables real-time customization of various website elements, including CTAs, text, and banners, without needing a professional web developer. Hushly is a good choice for ABM campaigns requiring significant personalization.

Best For: Getting up and running quickly thanks to the easy integration.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “I love how easy the platform is to package up content for your various marketing needs. Whether it be an ABM page, email nurtures, or a resource center on your website, Hushly helps you strategically leverage content to educate your buyers.”

4. Yusp


Yusp is all about the data. It is a machine learning-based personalization engine that uses adaptive learning algorithms to deliver tailored content to new and existing visitors. You can use it to recommend products and customize content across all your channels, which helps generate high-quality leads and boost conversion rates. 

Best For: Real-time personalization.

Price: By inquiry.

Review: “Yusp worked well as an integrated tool with my Shopify account. I was able to more easily access and predict market data for my store.”

5. PersonalizeFX


PersonalizeFX is a personalization tool that’s part of the digital marketing agency WebFX’s portfolio. It brings together behavioral or firmographic data to deliver customized website content to visitors depending on insights like industry, company size, and customer behavior.  

Best For: Personalizing a wide variety of content.

Pricing: Pricing is segmented per feature. It’s $250/month for one personalized feature, $700/month for three, and $1,000/month for five. 

Review: “WebFx has been great to work with. They explain in plain terms what needs to done with our website and social media, how the metrics work, and what we need to do.”

6. RightMessage


With so much attention on web page personalization, it’s easy to forget that email marketing needs some love too. RightMessage enables you to better understand your audience by segmenting email lists with interactive surveys and quizzes. The tool is completely customizable, thanks to RightMessage’s pre-designed email templates. 

Best For: Email personalization.

Pricing: Four pricing tiers: $29/month for the Starter package, $49/month for the Growth package, and $79/month for the Professional membership. 

Review: “We are currently using rightmessage to create CTA popup widgets on our website. So far so good. With the popup, we are able to collect emails as well as display messages and announcements.”

7. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce’s AI-driven personalization platform helps you get started with tailored content as fast as possible, even without prior experience. It uses AI technology to test campaigns’ efficiency and learns from mistakes, so you can feel confident that you’re making the right marketing decisions to personalize the next steps in your buyer’s journey. 

Best For: Small businesses that are personalizing content for the first time.

Pricing: Prices start at $25 per user per month. You can also try it before you buy. 

Reviews: “I love using marketing cloud to personalize emails and being able to send them to many people at once. It is great for tracking the emails as well and lets me do many marketing campaigns at once if need be.”

8. Demandbase ABM/ABX Cloud

Demandbase ABM/ABX Cloud

Are you looking to launch an ABM campaign? Demandbase lets you personalize each step of the B2B buyer’s journey and bring sales and marketing teams together. Its top feature is the Engagement Platform, which acts as a one-stop-shop to see your sales and marketing ABM activities in play. 

Best For: Sales and marketing alignment.

Pricing: By inquiry.

Reviews: “I’m utilizing Demandbase to create separate subscription reports for each region to further encourage sales. Each person receives the data that is most relevant to them and the personalization ensures that the report makes sense to them.”

9. Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketing automation platform Marketo helps you benefit from Adobe’s fleet of products when you create personalized content. Without leaving Marketo, you can use Adobe’s Sensei AI insights to deliver the highest-performing tailored content to individual customers and edit all your content using Adobe Experience Manager. 

Best For: An all-in-one content management platform. 

Pricing: By inquiry. There are four packages to choose from: Growth, Select, Prime, and Ultimate. 

Review: “Adobe Marketo Engage is a very robust product, which allows you to create a proper marketing sales funnel, manage marketing campaigns, create and manage marketing forms and landing pages, track your campaign success and create the right flows to enable just about any functionality.”

Content Personalization Optimized with Trendemon

Thanks to changing buyer expectations, personalized content marketing has become a must-do for B2B marketers. It’s an effective way to make a positive impact on every website visitor and treat them like they’re your only lead—when, in reality, content personalization generates more high-quality leads that convert to engaged customers. 

With Trendemon, you can target anonymous website visitors who usually slip through the cracks in your buyer’s journey by delivering personalized content at the right stage. You can easily configure and segment audiences, then Trendemon automatically scans your website content and generates optimized and personalized recommendations, offers, and more. 
Deliver the personalized experiences that B2B buyers expect and achieve the uplift that all marketers want with Trendemon. Schedule a live demo to get started today.