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Content ROI: Are You Measuring Yours Right?

Online marketers share a struggle. They spend a lot of resources on creating, organizing, and optimizing the effect of content, but often do so in the dark. That’s why, when it comes to measuring the ROI for their efforts, proving the revenue benefits of content is their biggest challenge. Despite this, about 85% of marketers lack a method to measure the effectiveness of their content! Are you part of this group? Luckily, there’s hope.

In our recent webinar, “How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI,” we share useful tips on how marketers can assess the impact of their content on the bottom line. Watch it and learn how to correlate your content performance with your business KPIs:

Content analysis making you sore? Then make it SOAR!

To help marketers, we have developed an easy and effective strategy for maximizing content marketing ROI—what we call, SOAR.

  1. Segmenting pages by certain categories allows you to “divide and conquer” even a complex website. Determining the pages where most of your content is read (along with some related essential factors) is the first step in understanding which articles are the ones that actually benefit your business goals.
Segmenting pages by certain categories allows you to “divide and conquer” even a complex website. #MaximizingContentMarketing Share on X
  1. Setting the right objectives is next. We advise you on the range of metrics that reveal how your visitors are interacting with content in terms of engagement and goal execution. We also divulge our own customized ratio, which, if realized at the critical level, is a very strong indicator of content’s influence on business goals. You can even measure this ratio by yourself, and our webinar tells you just how to do it.
  2. Next, it’s time to audit the results of your content campaigns. We give you an abundance of tips about when and how to measure the performance of content, including some ingenious methods of fine-tuning the way you present articles so that you can maximize engagement.
  3. The final stage is revisions, where you apply a number of refinements to your content and how you distribute it. Of course, this is not the end – once the first SOAR process is complete, it needs to be continually managed to ensure the highest levels of engagement and conversion.