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Every Content Marketer’s Dream Toolbox

For content marketers, staying organized and meeting demanding deadlines can be a daunting task, especially when quality can never be compromised. Thankfully, there are tools that serve content and/or marketing purposes that help make sense of all the mess and put content marketers on the right track.

Let’s zoom into 10 of these great tools that we feel should form every content marketer’s dream toolbox:

(1) Content & Task Management – Trello

When will that post be ready? Did you add in sufficient links? These are common questions content writers here, and rightfully so. After all, there are various components that can impact the success of a particular post or article. Therefore, in order to get all of your team’s input prior to publishing, whether internal or external colleagues, consider using Trello’s user friendly content management platform to delegate responsibility, assign particular writers to an assignment, and course, to be able to easily provide feedback.

(2) Social Media Management – Hootsuite

For content marketers, being able to manage social media is a must-have skill. This is especially true when we examine the activity of some of our competitors across different channels. The trick is to find an appropriate tool to be able to effectively handle these various mediums, without missing important customer comments and posts. Hootsuite is one of the more popular social media management  and distribution tools in the market due to its user-friendly dashboard that provides marketers with an overview of their online social media presence, allowing them to easily log in to different channels, respond to inquiries, schedule posts, as well as measure content performance.

(3) Email Marketing – Boomerang

Consistently both a top priority as well as a concern for content marketers, email marketing has undergone transformations, from basic cold emailing a client to data-backed templates targeting specific personas. In fact, new innovations and technologies have sprung up in order to improve overall email content performance. Boomerang, a Google extension, is one of those leading the pack when it comes to staying on top of client emails, from scheduling options to analyzing click through and response rates. This is one of the must-have tools that should become part of daily email routines. Another bonus? Boomerang can also be integrated with leading CRM systems.

(4) Influencer Marketing – Augure

“3% of people generate 90% of the impact online”. This statistic is part crazy, part

exciting. Either way, we can safely confirm that the power of influencer marketing cannot be denied. So how we can leverage influencers to best improve our content marketing performance? Augure’s software is solely devoted to this – helping you: identify who is talking about your brand, on what mediums and at what frequency, and additional parameters that can help you take advantage of these mentions to improve your online visibility and reputation.

(5) Content Creation – Flipboard

We know you are familiar with the routine all too well – your content manager/director asks you to research various sources for content inspiration for your next scheduled post. While time-consuming, there is no doubt that well-thought out pieces are more effective in terms of generating traffic and leads. But how can all of this ‘research’ be collected in an organized and engaging way? Enter Flipboard, your personal magazine that presents stories and articles in a visually-pleasing way, ultimately acting as a super helpful content curation platform.

(6) Content Discovery – BuzzSumo

With so many articles related to your industry, it can be very difficult to discover what insights are most relevant for your own company and most importantly, for your target customers. The good news here is that BuzzSumo is a very helpful and time-saving web-based platform that does this ‘investigative’ job on your behalf. Essentially, their platform looks for content based on specific search queries you are interested in and shows you the most noteworthy results and posts that gained significant social media traction. Bonus? You also get digital insights related to your competitors.

(7) Keyword & Ranking Optimization – SerpBook

For those content marketers tasked with improve website rankings and online presence in general, SerpBook should absolutely be included in your daily toolbox. Why? Well, this platform is able to determine which specific keywords are performing best in terms of the latest SEO trends. Ultimately, this tool gives you insights that can (and should) guide your content marketing campaigns, from selecting appropriate URLs to suggesting perhaps to change your keyword focus to gain new user traffic. Frankly, we turn to SerpBook prior to every post just to make sure we have all of our bases covered. Dashboard

(8) SEO Optimization for WordPress – Yoast

With so many companies using WordPress as their content management system, chances are your company or one you previously worked for runs their blog using this mega popular platform. But forget the popularity factor for a moment – the ultimate test of a good blog site is whether or not it will actually perform well on search engine rankings. This is where Yoast comes in. This WordPress SEO plug-in actually sets up your blog for SEO optimization by making sure your focused keywords are appropriately positioned across your post, from headline to body, for maximum results.

(9) Content Visualization –

“Data visualization tools are becoming common to enhance visual storytelling around brand value propositions”. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. One company took this to the extreme, creating their core business out of offering digital products for content-hungry clients. This includes, but is not limited to: infographics, e-books, visually-pleasing business presentations, and social media visuals that later become sharing magnets. The company –, leads the pack when it comes to professionally designed visuals so go ahead and give them a spin for your next post.

(10) Content Marketing Insights and Automation – Trendemon

Content marketers are often measured by performance. This performance is often based on actual data and results generated from how your content is received by your online audience and what is the impact on the conversion funnel. 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago. However, Measurement is a key area where B2B marketers are struggling: Only 21% say they are successful at tracking ROI. It’s clear measuring ROI is a pain point for many.

TrenDemon is the perfect tool if you’ve been struggling to quantify ROI of your content marketing efforts. The tool analyzes your content and provides real-time, personalized recommendations to help boost your conversions.

TrenDemon users achieve up to 380% more conversions from the same content and traffic. All you need to do is specify which goal you would like to promote, and TrenDemon will make sure you will make the most out of every visitor. In addition, with TrenDemon’s Insights, you will be able to see which items and channels perform best, helping you to make better decisions as for which content to create next, how to promote it, and where.

So what did we cover?

Content marketing is a very demanding profession, especially when performance today is often measured and scrutinized. Thus, there is a need for online tools to help marketers make ends meet. Here we briefly examined 10 of these tools that we feel should be included in every content marketer’s toolbox. Think we missed any gems? Let us know by leaving a comment below.