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Going to Cleveland for Content Marketing World? Here are 6 Places to Visit While in Town

With what seems like an endless number of marketing conferences, it can often be difficult to determine which are actually worth the hassle. Frankly, discovering which events will likely give you more “bang for your buck” can be another part-time position.

Thankfully there are some that make this search process that much easier – these are the ones not to be missed and that stand out among the crowd. In just a week, one of the leading marketing conferences in the world – the amply named Content Marketing World (CMW), will be held in the Cleveland, Ohio from September 8th – 11th. With an agenda packed with valuable content and leading industry speakers such at Kristina Halvorson and Rand Fishkin, this conference proudly calls Cleveland home and we at Trendemon already have our tickets booked.

Since we are already gearing for our visit to this great upcoming event, this post is dedicated to helping CMW visitors discover what to do when outside of the conference halls. Some of our suggestions may be a bit off the beaten path – so go ahead and live a little:

1.     Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Sometimes, all you need is just some music in your life. Lying just off the shores of Lake Erie in the recently developed North Coast Harbor, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is one of those must-visit places in Cleveland. Designed to fit all ages, this attraction takes you back to the history of various professionals within the music industry. Need another reason to visit?  How about proximity to the conference venue? In just about a 10-minute walk, you’ll be ready to belt out some tunes.

2. East Fourth Street Pathway

For those interested in exploring Cleveland’s urban life, the East Fourth Street Pathway is an exciting and inviting scene. Visitors have a lot of options here: you can opt for a simple evening (or daytime if you don’t mind missing an early session) stroll, a friendly game of bowling, shopping escapades at The Arcade, or just try out various restaurants and bars lining the street.  So what are you waiting for? Get out of your conference chair and start walking!

3. West Side Market

Fruits, vegetables, spirits, and good vibes. Doesn’t sound half bad, right? Catch a break between the exciting keynote speakers and the industry sessions and head on over the historic West Side Market. This is a favorite spot for many locals and tourists alike, with a varied display of top quality vendors to choose from. So whether you fancy smoked cheeses or the finest breads (Pro tip: try these together), this market is a Cleveland’s upgraded answer to the typical farmer’s market.

4. Voinovich Bicentennial Park

Parks can be great getaways from the busy conference experience. So it’s good news for CMW goers that just near the Cleveland Convention Center and behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame lies the Voinovich Bicentennial Park. A landmark area for locals, this park is worth a visit, even if just to take in all of the engaging content marketing insights on a park bench or for enjoying lunch under the shade of the trees. For those seeking to get a bit further away from the venue in order to truly relax, try Edgewater Park to the East.

5. Peter B. Lewis Building, Case Western Reserve University

You don’t have to be a current student studying architecture to be fascinated with Frank Gehry’s style. This iconic architect made waves in Cleveland when he designed the fascinating Peter B. Lewis Building at Case Western Reserve University over a decade ago. This is a great quick visit for those seeking to see something unusual among rather common University grounds. If you do make your way to this area, check out the nearby Cleveland Museum of Art.

With so many options, we hope you do find the time to sit on some great sessions at CMW and make the most out of your networking opportunities. Last suggestion – contact us if you’d like to meet the Trendemon team. We are always excited to meet content marketers!