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The Journey: How did B2B buyer journeys look like in 2022? Benchmarks and Stats – Part 1

Man oh man, ‘22 was a funky, roller-coaster of a year. Hopefully, ‘23 will be a chill year, I think we all earned it, no?

Anyway, as everyone braces for the new year or just out for their holiday off-time, we took a look back at how b2b journeys looked in ‘22. Let’s check out some figures:

How did B2B websites convert in 2022?

As part of our annual benchmarks analysis (stay tuned for the full report in the coming weeks), we took a deep dive into our data lake of website journeys stats, content engagement, ABM effectiveness and overall impact of content and personalization.

Some initial nuggets for you to munch on following your hefty holiday dinners (data based on over 45 million b2b buyer journeys we analyzed in 2022):

On average, only 0.52% of website traffic converts to MQLs. On the SQL front, only 0.2% on average of all visitors reached a sales-qualified status. 

We also saw that the top performing sites that made extensive use of personalization were able to reach 2% conversion rates to MQL and double overall conversion rates to SQL – 0.4% .

And what about the path that leads to conversion? Well, the road is long and it really is a journey…

The journeys are getting longer and darker

Our 2022 analysis reveals that the average website journey to MQL (from first touch until conversion) takes 14 days, consisting of 9 pageviews and 2 different website sessions.

The road to SQL takes on average 19 days, 11 pageviews and 3 sessions.  

This means that ~75% of successful journeys on the website (from initial touch to SQL) are conducted anonymously, with potential buyers roaming through the website in the dark without sharing their personal contact info. 

Since vendors’ websites make up only a part of the entire buyer journey (the full journey including review sites, social media, groups and more) that means that over  90% of the entire journey is anonymous

In the next edition of The Journey we’ll explore what marketers can do differently in ‘23 to address all the challenges mentioned here. 

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