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Interview on Syncsort blog -the Value of Personalized Marketing

Check out our interview with the Syncsort team regarding marketing personalization – link to full interview. Here is a short preview of the full interview:

Can you tell us about the mission behind TrenDemon? How are you hoping to impact the digital marketing space?

TrenDemon helps marketers better align their efforts with the company’s business goals. In my previous role, as a founder at an online marketing agency, I experienced first-hand the challenges of measuring and proving content marketing ROI. I was struggling to show the value and impact of our work on the company’s primary goal: revenue.

TrenDemon is SaaS solution, which sets up in less than 20 minutes and connects to the company’s CRM or marketing automation system. It works by mapping the customer journeys and attributing the influence of content, events and sources on the various business goals. Our solution also leverages those insights to automatically improve customer journeys in real-time on the site using personalization.

Can you tell us about content marketing personalization and attribution? What is it and why should brands be using it?

People are much more in control of the information they consume than in the past when they were much more affected by advertising. Today, if the brand’s message does not carry any value for the audience, it simply doesn’t get past the noise. Content marketing, as a opposed to advertising, puts the emphasis on bringing value (fun, education, insight) to the audience as opposed to trying to sell to them.

The good news is that this type of communication between brands and people is more effective, but since the influence on the user actions take more time and more touch points, we face an attribution challenge. Simply put, it becomes harder to measure the impact a content marketing piece has on the customer journey.

Without measurement, it becomes harder to gauge progress, improve and make efficient use of resources. Another challenge is that not all content is relevant to everyone. That is why marketing personalization is a key component in engaging every person depending on their position in the journey as well as what we would like them to reach.

Read the full interview on the Syncsort blog