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Introducing One-To-Won: Improve Outbound Emails With 5x Higher Conversion Rates

As efficiency continues to be a core theme of 2023, why are B2B sales and marketing teams still not aligned? We are living in an ROI-centric world right now, and looking past this alignment leads to a major waste of resources and also reduces effectiveness. It’s not all bad news, however, as we have a brand new, disruptive solution to share with all of you.

Introducing One-To-Won:

We at Trendemon, are revealing our biggest upgrade in the past 2 years, with the introduction of what we call “One-To-Won,” (OTW). OTW enables outbound SDRs to achieve a 5X higher conversion rate to meetings booked. After testing this out over the past several months, we are excited to share these results with you.

In today’s market, ABM is not enough. We need to ensure we are influencing the right people within each account A.K.A the buying group. We have also learned that to move the right people into action, you need to use hyper-personalization at the contact level and serve relevant content for every persona in the buying group. By sending compelling messages tailored to each member, you significantly increase the chances of a positive response. The key is uniting account-level marketing with contact-level sales. With One-To-Won, we enable connecting outbound email outbound outreach with inbound website engagement and create a holistic feedback loop between SDRs and inbound marketers.

Watch our 20-min One-To-Won demo: