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Maximizing Your Content Every Step of the Way

Being a content marketer can be hard. You need to constantly be feeding the beast with new content and after a while, it can get difficult to always come up with fresh ideas.

We get that. That’s why we wrote this new whitepaper.

We set out to understand what made popular content successful at each stage of the marketing funnel so that we could give you tips and tricks to use when creating your own content.]

One of TrenDemon’s capabilities is the Navigator function, a recommendation engine that tells you what content pieces are best for different parts of the funnel. For this whitepaper, we looked at many navigators across our customer base to see what they all had in common and understand what the secret for success is at every stage in the user journey.

Using this, we compiled a list of suggestions, for each stage of the funnel, for you to use when you just can’t think of one more idea.

“Numbered lists tend to be good for clicks”

“Knowledge sharing is the key”

“Give the user something of value”

Read our newest whitepaper to find out how to maximize your content today!