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Trendemon, powered by 6Sense data, generates its customers 5-18X uplift in website conversion rates

The Challenge – Engaging anonymous buyers with relevant content

The past few years have marked a shift in how B2B buyers conduct their research and purchase decisions – buyers are more reluctant to share personal info. Their anonymous journey, through multiple channels and touchpoints, is getting more and more complex, as marketers struggle to chase the unknown. 

In our realm of B2B website personalization, our customers are faced with the following challenge: how to convert anonymous website visitors into pipeline opportunities?

The solution – Connecting 6sense data with Trendemon’s website personalization

In 2022 we incorporated 6sense data into Trendemon’s platform powering our customers with more targeting options: The technology by 6sense identifies accounts visiting the website, and provides additional firmographic data like account industry, revenue, size and more. 

Our customers use these account-based attributes to build targeted website audiences and orchestrate their journeys. These personalized, contextual experiences empower buyers and have a major impact on website conversion rates as well as lead quality.

Trendemon, powered by 6sense account-based data, enables our customers to:  

  • Build autonomous, account-based orchestrations, which serve the most effective content to every visitor at the right stage.
  • Activate anonymous visitors from target accounts and lists with content and calls-to-action.
  • Uncover how target accounts actually engage with the website.

The impact

Trendemon customers using 6sense account-based data have achieved the following uplift:

  • When comparing optimized personalized journeys to non-optimized ones: 5-18X uplift in conversion rates of anonymous visitors into pipeline opportunities
  • An average of 30% in total sales opportunities from the website, with some customers showing up to 70% more sales opportunities

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