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The Trendemon Journey – Interview on Website Planet

I had the pleasure of chatting with Marko Velimirović to discuss Trendemon’s journey, our mission and what sets us apart in the marketing & sales technology space.

Some key takeways:

What Problem do we solve?

The problem that we are helping our customers solve is how to understand if a user that is coming to their website is a relevant potential buyer. We help them understand what they are doing on their website, what’s the content they are engaging with, what actions are they taking on their way to becoming customers. We personalize their experience by showing them relevant content, to move them along their path, basically enabling them to get the information they need more effectively.

How we do it?

TrenDemon is an attribution-based personalization platform. Our solution connects to the company’s website, marketing automation and CRM systems and helps them map their customer journeys. That means understanding where the users come from, what they are doing on their way to different business goals.

The second part of our solution is to help the marketer understand the impact of their digital assets on business goals. Let us take blogs for example – companies produce a lot of content these days, but they are struggling to understand how all those assets help generate sales. We help them understand the impact of their assets on revenue.

The third part of the solution is personalization; once we have figured out the journey of the user, and once we have understood which assets are effective, then TrenDemon automatically personalizes the experience on the website in order to ensure more visitors become customers.

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