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Top 10 Personalization Software Solutions

Debates about information gathering and privacy on the web may be far from over, but let’s face it. The big data genie is out of the bottle, and he’s not going back in anytime soon. Buyers have come to expect and appreciate marketing approaches that recognize them as unique individuals. That’s especially true in B2B contexts, where long sales cycles and highly deliberative purchasing processes are the norm.

In fact, personalized calls to action are more than 200% more effective at converting than generic ones. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they won’t even bother engaging with marketing content that isn’t personalized for them.

The era of broad messaging designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience is well and truly done. Now, marketers are increasingly dependent on personalization software tools to help them connect and engage with their target audience.

Why Use Personalization Software?

Personalization software can help you craft more relevant, engaging, and effective messaging for leads and customers at every point in their purchasing journey. Consider the example of Payoneer, an international payment platform that markets itself to a diverse audience through its high-traffic, multilingual blog. With the right personalization software solution, they could identify the most effective content to serve their conversion goals. Then, they were able to guide website visitors to the blog posts that were most likely to move them down the sales funnel – more than doubling their conversions.

Personalization can produce an eightfold increase in clickthrough rates. The effectiveness of personalization is undeniable, but scaling it to serve your entire customer base is impossible without robust software tools.

How to Choose the Right Personalization Software

Every touchpoint you have with a customer has the potential to be improved through personalization. Most software solutions are designed with specific marketing channels (email, social media, your website or blog) and content media (video, digital ads) in mind. The nature of personalization can vary, too. 

Depending on the data you’re working with, you can personalize by:

  • Creating specific audience segments
  • Constructing detailed customer personas 
  • Mapping out the customer journey 
  • Individualizing on a unique, one-to-one level

Deciding where, when, and how to personalize is essential for any B2B marketing strategy. It will help you determine what types of personalization software will provide the best ROI. Here are ten great choices to help your B2B marketing gain the high-conversion benefits that personalization offers

Top 10 Personalization Software

1. Syte


Syte is a product discovery platform that uses visual AI to provide customers with better recommendations and search results. It hosts customer-facing features like camera search and augmented text search. Syte can help businesses deliver accurate, hyper-personalized discovery experiences through real-time behavioral analysis. Users give it high marks for ease of use and excellent customer support.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Syte’s suite of features are easy to integrate with out of the box. Their constant desire to iterate and innovate is impressive, as is their thirst to maximize ROI.”

2. Trendemon


By mapping out the entire customer journey and providing attribution for which pieces of content are leading to conversions, Trendemon helps businesses serve up highly relevant and personalized recommendations, calls to action, and messaging. Trendemon’s ability to tighten up the sales cycle can be invaluable for B2B sellers. The platform integrates seamlessly with most major CRMs and other marketing tools.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Our marketing team was challenged by the inability to see exactly which pieces of blog content influenced lead conversions, and at what point along the funnel. Trendemon’s analytics gave us that inside look.”

3. Omnisend


Email marketing has always been fertile ground for personalization. Omnisend takes full advantage of the medium with templates, automated workflows, and other tools that make it easy to create personalized messages for various situations. Omnisend includes powerful segmentation options for better targeting, integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, and includes support for SMS campaigns.

Price: Free version offered; paid plans start at $16 per month

Reviewer Says: “Omnisend is easy to set up and works smoothly. I find their templates easy to customize, and creating an email always takes less time than I think it will.”

4. HubSpot


If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that can cover a wide range of marketing software needs, HubSpot has to be a contender. If it’s missing any features you require, the good news is that it can probably integrate easily with any worthwhile third-party solution. The pricing structure can get expensive, but HubSpot provides an easy way for growing businesses to get started with personalized digital marketing campaigns.

Price: Free version offered; paid plans start at $50 per month

Reviewer Says: “My team was able to build standard templates for our emails and landing pages, which in turn allows us to focus our attention on the content we are creating and sharing out. Hubspot really scales along with you and provides the tools you need as you grow.”

5. Qubit


Qubit’s omni-channel personalisation features are tailored exclusively for mobile devices. Using AI and machine learning technology, it divides your data into three categories: online, offline, and file-based, and then creates content packages that are optimized for all viewing devices and platforms.

It features an “abandoned cart recovery” technology that can detect exit behaviors and lower bounce rates. If a visitor does leave and returns, the tool can be coupled with leading email service providers to send a follow-up email to the customer about their abandoned shopping cart.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Great combination of tech that we can leverage at speed combined with strategy that we consider part of our team. We test with Qubit and then focus our precious internal resources on winning projects.”

6. CloudEngage


Lots of marketing effort goes into getting leads to click your links and visit your website. CloudEngage is all about creating compelling, personalized experiences that will keep them interested while they’re there and nudge them to convert. Packed with tools to help nurture community and capitalize on AI-powered insights, CloudEngage helps retailers build websites that capture and hold their audience’s attention.

Price: Starts at $295 per month

Reviewer Says: “Their hyper-local geofencing, time and weather targeting capabilities let us have smarter, more relevant conversations with our customers, so they understood our network and the features available in their local areas.”

7. OptinMonster


OptinMonster helps merchants convert their existing traffic and generate more sales by providing targeted, personalized lead capture forms. This solution includes extensive form templates, built-in A/B testing, advanced behavioral analytics, and a long list of integration options. The per-feature pricing can get costly, but OptinMonster can deliver the goods for small businesses looking to increase their conversions.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “The tool offers lots of templates and ways to get started quickly, but there’s also a lot of availability to customize your opt-ins and track their success.”

8. IndiVideo


Time and again, video proves to be the most engaging and effective form of content to deliver. But personalizing it in ways that feel seamless and organic can be challenging — and that’s the problem IndiVideo was created to solve. With IndiVideo, businesses can leverage internal and third-party customer data to create compelling video experiences that speak directly to individual users.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Simple, side-scrolling UX made the game easy for anyone to play. Inviting illustrations made the experience charming and approachable and featured intro animation.” (from company case study)

9. Outgrow


Outgrow enables marketers to create fun, interactive web content that harnesses the power of personalization. Quizzes, polls, calculators, and chatbots are almost always more engaging than content designed to be consumed passively. But personalizing them for each lead can take your interactive content to the next level and drive up your conversion rate. With more than 1,000 templates to choose from, it’s easy to get started — and no coding is required.

Price: Starts at $14 per month (quiz only); full-feature plans start at $95 per month

Reviewer Says: “The variety of quizzes create endless possibilities depending on your marketing goal. This has been a game-changer for our clients in creating unique experiences for their audience and capturing leads.”

10. Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage)

Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage)

This offering from CRM giant Salesforce makes one-to-one customer engagement possible through AI-driven behavioral analytics. By leveraging real-time insights in conjunction with existing customer data, Salesforce Interaction Studio allows businesses to present their customers with experiences and recommendations that directly address their purchasing needs. While the user interface has some detractors, this solution’s depth of functionality is hard to beat.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Evergage helps us completely target and personalize our campaigns. We have several different segments in our business that require different messaging, and Evergage provides the ability to send the right message to the right person at the right time to drive customer engagement.”

Let’s get personal

Personalized outreach can help your sales team meet customer expectations and become more relevant and engaging in a business landscape where the insights yielded by big data are increasingly important. The right software can make it easy to introduce insightful and effective personalization wherever you need it the most.

By personalizing the content you deliver to your audience, you’re demonstrating your awareness of their needs, wants, and concerns. This extra step can not only help you boost conversions and increase revenue in the short term, but also builds strong and lasting relationships with customers that can pay off for years to come.