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Top 12 Account Based Marketing Software for All Purposes

Marketing is like a transportation system. Sometimes, you need a bullet train from the hinterlands to bring in the sightseers from far and wide. Other times you need a taxi driver who knows the best routes and can take your leads exactly where they need to go. If traditional marketing campaigns designed to attract ideal customers are your high-speed rail system, what’s the equivalent of the expert, street-savvy driver? For many businesses, the answer is account-based marketing.

The idea behind account-based marketing (ABM) is for sales and marketing to work together and focus their combined resources on targeting specific accounts, right down to the individual level. Sales teams often have detailed knowledge and insights into the people who make the purchasing decisions at their respective companies. ABM leverages that knowledge to create highly effective, personalized marketing content.

ABM has seen considerable growth in recent years, with a recent survey reporting that 67% of brands utilize it in some form. One reason for its widespread adoption is that it can deliver proven ROI. 87% of marketers in another survey claim that ABM performs better than any other marketing initiative.

ABM represents a new outlook compared to traditional takes on inbound and outbound marketing. However, executing an ABM strategy isn’t just about locking your sales and marketing teams in a conference room until they agree to share notes and work together. It requires the right tools for the job. In the world of digital marketing, that means you’ll get the most from your account based marketing efforts by using robust ABM software solutions.

Why Use ABM Software?

ABM is a process-driven framework, and software can help marketers automate and manage these new processes. ABM software can handle various functions: high-level account management, intelligence-gathering to help you identify important accounts and key decision-makers, or personalization and delivery of ads and other content. 

Quality software can provide personalization and analytics at the account level. It allows you to build targeted marketing campaigns that generate measurable results with positive ROI. Tools like these drive conversions by setting your targets on the right people, then delivering content experiences that lead directly to purchases.

How to Choose the Right ABM Software

The recent flourishing of account based marketing has led to a variety of ABM software solutions with a wide range of features. Before deciding on the right solution, you have to figure out what type of ABM software you need. Most software will fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Account Selection, to identify accounts and individual decision-makers to target.
  • Advertising Automation: Deliver personalized ads to targeted individuals.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provide a user-friendly way to track key performance metrics.
  • Personalization: Create customized website experiences and CTAs for your visitors.
  • Sales Intelligence: Deliver real-time sales insights to your entire integrated ABM software platform.

In addition, any good solution should offer ongoing support and integration with your CRM and other critical systems.

Once you’ve identified the ABM software functions essential to your strategy, you can start narrowing down the list of contenders. Here are twelve great options to consider.

Top 12 ABM Software

1. Marketo

adobe marketo

One of the leading names in marketing automation software, Marketo is an Adobe product that provides marketers with a full suite of ABM features. It allows users to zero in on the accounts with the greatest potential.

Marketo includes tools for email marketing, lead management, behavioral tracking, and more. With this powerful suite, marketers can shape the contours of customer journeys. Then, they can use Marketo’s revenue attribution tools to determine the value of their efforts.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “Its biggest strength is its breadth of features and customizability, as well as its integrations with third-party tools.”

2. TrenDemon

trendemon abm

Specializing in delivering attribution-based personalization features alongside powerful reporting and analytics tools, TrenDemon provides each buyer with the content that will help move them further along their customer journey. Easily integrating with your website, CRM, and other assets, TrenDemon helps marketers create personalized recommendations and CTAs while providing visibility into how your ABM content impacts conversions and revenue.

Price: Contact Us

Reviewer Says: “TrenDemon provides a mix of tools that allow us to improve our user experience while getting amazing analytics. We know exactly how our content performs, and at which step in the funnel.”

3. HubSpot ABM Software

hubspot abm

Known for its industry-leading CRM platform, HubSpot also offers a diverse array of marketing software that includes several ABM tools. HubSpot’s ABM software assists marketers in defining customer profiles and identifying lucrative target accounts through AI-driven recommendations. It also facilitates collaboration between sales and marketing teams by providing shared tools and integrations with Slack, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms.

Price: $800/month for the professional version. Free and starter accounts are available.

Reviewer Says: “It’s a great all-in-one platform that groups together a ton of tools.”

4. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is the account selection solution that can tell you which companies are visiting your website, how they found you, and where they’re at in their purchasing journey. Leadfeeder provides intelligence and insights that can help you identify your visitors, qualify leads with the highest revenue potential, and connect with the people who will ultimately decide whether or not to purchase from you. It integrates well with most CRM platforms and other ABM tools.

Price: Starts at $63/month. A free “lite” version is offered.

Reviewer Says: “Great tool for your sales team or just for better understanding who is reading your content.”

5. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence solution that helps businesses identify the organizations that are visiting their website. With ZoomInfo, you can maximize your sales opportunities by using company contact data to create demographic filters and identify the key purchasers you need to reach out to.

Price: By request, and a free trial is offered.

Reviewer Says: “ZoomInfo is the best of breed when it comes to quality business intelligence.”

6. Vainu


For comprehensive sales intelligence and insights with a focus on EU markets, look no further than Vainu. You can leverage their internal database of over 140 million companies to find promising accounts to target. Then, use their messaging and analytics features to craft effective messages, optimize the timing of your interactions, and measure the success of your efforts.

Price: $450/month for the full-featured version, and a free version is available.

Reviewer Says: “Vainu provides us with plenty of helpful information and is also very customizable.”

7. Uberflip


Built with account based marketers as the intended users, Uberflip helps businesses leverage their existing content libraries to create customized experiences that drive sales. Uberflip can organize your sales and marketing resources. It enables you to create a unified content strategy that delivers effective and personalized messages for target accounts.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “The ability to create custom landing pages for prospects and populating it with materials from our entire content library has simplified the way we reach out to potential clients.”

8. Sendbloom


Sendbloom is an advertising automation platform that specializes in email campaigns. It lets you create and automate the delivery of targeted, personalized emails. Sendbloom features an intuitive interface, integrations with Salesforce and other major platforms, and powerful tools for segmenting audience data and tracking customer interactions.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “With Sendbloom, you can personalize your outbound emails in ways you’ve never thought possible.”

9. PFL Tactile Marketing Automation


A unique entry on this list, PFL provides marketers with a way to incorporate direct mail into their digital marketing campaigns. Events and interactions in your ABM campaign can be set up as triggers to make PFL automatically print and send out physical mailings. This solution not only integrates with platforms like Salesforce and Marketo, but with shippers like FedEx as well.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “PFL offers a great way to add a personalized touch to integrated marketing campaigns via direct mail.”

10. Salesforce Einstein Analytics

salesforce einstein

This solution is designed specifically for ABM marketers who are already using Salesforce. Einstein Analytics is a data-driven reporting solution that includes an easy-to-use dashboard and various tools. Among them are tools for identifying the best prospects, delivering content based on sales insights and AI, managing your ABM campaigns, and tracking performance. 

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “I like how easily it interacts with the rest of Salesforce, and I enjoy the graphics and friendly user interface.”

11. Capture


Capture is a lead prospecting and remarketing tool. It lets you build lists of leads by capturing contact information from your website visitors — even the ones who didn’t complete or submit any forms during their visit. Once leads are obtained, they can be transferred easily to your CRM or marketing automation platforms for further ABM action.

Price: Starts at $225/month, and a free version is offered.

Reviewer Says: “Overall, Capture has allowed us to get in contact with candidates who normally we wouldn’t have been able to reach.”

12. Sendoso


This solution brings ABM and personalization out of the digital realm and into the material world. Sendoso helps businesses source, ship, and manage the logistics of sending out personalized gifts, company swag, and other physical items.

These targeted gifts help engage, retain, and delight customers. Sendoso also provides analytics tools that let you track the ROI on all the goodies you’re sending out. It’s an excellent complement to any ABM campaign that goes beyond strictly digital boundaries.

Price: By request

Reviewer Says: “The customer experiences have been a hit, and we are excited to see more vendors added all of the time.”

ABM Software Helps You Win

Traditional marketing will always have its place in the world. But ABM gives you the ability to leverage data and technology to personally address the people who will make or break your sale. ABM software can help you identify the accounts that are ripe for this shift in strategy — and deliver the right content at the right time to drive them toward a completed purchase.

The most effective ABM campaigns still require a lot of human intelligence and creativity. You can maximize your efforts by choosing software tools that play to your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and help you produce compelling experiences, changing leads into paying customers.