How AlgoSec Used Trendemon Campaigns To Orchestrate Buyer Journeys

Is it possible to effortlessly steer your website visitors towards a conversion, much like a GPS expertly navigates you to your desired destination? This is the exact question Elroee from AlgoSec had before he discovered Trendemon.

About AlgoSec

AlgoSec is a global cybersecurity leader, empowering organizations to secure application connectivity by automating connectivity flows and security policy, anywhere. Living at the intersection of the infrastructure, security policy and the applications that run your business, AlgoSec enables greater visibility, reduced risk and zero-touch change automation across the entire hybrid network.

Meet Elroee

Elroee is the Global Marketing Ops Manager @ AlgoSec; his impressive background includes over 15 years of managing high-performance teams, previously in positions such as CEO and Chief of Staff.

Elroee’s Challenge

Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to B2B marketing, and AlgoSec was determined to win. Their main challenge was to increase engagement with their prospects and find the right content to meet their clients’ needs. Due to their extensive range of products, there was also a need to educate visitors about their product’s capabilities in the hopes of converting them into customers. In order to achieve that, Elroee needed to create longer visitor journeys on their website to drive the visitors towards conversion.

They tried a number of tactics, including social media, A/B tests, and paid search. They soon realized they needed a more comprehensive solution to create a new journey for the individual visitor, while also delivering the best content along the way.

Elroee’s Playbook:

Enter Trendemon and 6sense. By creating specific campaigns that were precisely adapted to the segment’s definition, they were able to align content, design, and visibility with the campaign’s main purpose.

1) Integrated with 6sense in Account Setup.


2) Created Audience Based on Integrated 6sense Segments.


3) Campaigned through ‘Promote Pages’ to drive customers to specific pages on AlgoSec website.


4) Analyzed the results of the campaign as it runs.

Using Trendemon Insights to Better Understand ICP's

Trendemon also proved to be a good source of education; Elroee was able to compare campaigns and learn from the results/insights of previous campaigns, to better understand how to best target his ICP’s, constantly building on the foundation that Trendemon helped to lay.

The Result

Once they understood their audience’s needs and thirst for knowledge, they created campaigns that were not only great but also delivered fantastic results. On average, they achieved a CTR of 8-10% with their campaigns, with Trendemon, which is significantly higher than the .46% that B2B’s average.

What’s more, the results came quickly. Trendemon also saved them a lot of time and resources. They no longer needed to create different customer journeys on their website since the campaigns led the way. And with Trendemon’s easy and intuitive platform, creating a campaign only took a matter of minutes.

Today, AlgoSec’s metrics are as follows:

•16x Conversion Rate Uplift for SalesForce Opportunities.

•31x Conversion Rate Uplift for SalesForce deals that reached the ‘Closed Won’ stage.

"Trendemon saves us time by removing the need to create individual customer journeys on the website, through their journeys led by campaign! It only takes minutes to crate a campaign and its easy and intuitive, making us more efficient and saving us lots of time."
Elroee Assraf
Global Marketing Ops Manager

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