Hailo significantly increased engagement rates of target accounts

About Hailo

Hailo is a semiconductor manufacturing company, specializing in AI processors and the ability to deliver data-center class performance to edge devices.


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“Their ABM capabilities are awesome! Exactly what B2B marketers needs to analyze marketing attribution and convert target accounts”
Debbie Schraibman
Digital Marketing Manager @ Hailo

The Challenge

Hailo’s main goal was to increase the conversion of target accounts and personas visiting their website. Since the company is targeting AI professionals from different markets, a generic lead score metric served by Marketing Automation platforms was not enough to identify intent signals – Hailo also wanted to target anonymous visitors that demonstrated significant website engagement, and segment those visitors to serve them different content based on their specific interests. 


The Playbook

1) Create account-based target lists
hailo - sf tl



2) Activate personalized offers for target visitor
hailo - creative2



3) Explore full journeys of target accounts
hailo - journeys2


4) Explore flow analysis of target accounts – from first touch to opportunity – and uncover engagement and conversions.
hailo - abm flow



5) Track target accounts visiting the website with Trendemon’s weekly ABM email.
hailo - abm email


Note*: The screens displayed above are from Trendemon’s demo account dashboard

The Impact

By implementing the above strategy, Hailo achieved the following uplift within just 3 months:


Increase in engagement of target accounts:

A) 85% of target accounts visiting Hailo’s website proceed to a second pageview – 57% uplift from the 54% proceed benchmark.

B) 65% of target accounts visiting Hailo’s website signaled high engagement (3 or more pages read) – 160% uplift from the 25% engagement benchmark.


Conversions rates to MQL:

MQL conversion rates for visitors that engaged with personalized experiences were 10X higher compared to non-personalized journeys.


Optimized performance of content assets:

Top performing pages had 86% proceed rate (visitor continued to another pageview in the same session) and 82% read rate.

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