How Bitsight Achieved a 54% Increase in ICP Conversions of Gated Content with Trendemon

Are your blog posts falling flat in engaging and converting readers? Writing great content is only one part of the process. Discover how Eric from BitSight used Trendemon, to transform their blog from a mere information hub into a conversion magnet.

About BitSight:

BitSight is a cyber risk management leader transforming how companies manage exposure, performance, and risk for themselves and their third parties. Companies rely on BitSight to prioritize their cybersecurity investments, build greater trust within their ecosystem, and reduce their chances of financial loss.

Meet Eric

Eric is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at BitSight. With over a decade in web marketing, Eric has worked with many tools to increase his marketing productivity and effectiveness, and he continues to search for ways to uplevel his marketing efforts.

Eric’s Challenge: Static Content, Stagnant Conversions

Eric encountered two primary challenges in his pursuit of boosting the conversion rate of blog visitors. First, he realized static content wasn’t cutting it, as it failed to engage visitors and lacked the personalization to suit their interests. Eric found it was not only hard to keep people on the blog, but there was also no easy path for them to continue engaging with the website, which led to drop-offs. For this reason, Eric was determined to find a way to transform it from a one-dimensional information platform to an interactive and engaging experience that appeals to the blog audience. He also needed to specifically revamp how relevant gated assets were visually presented to propel blog visitors to both fill out site forms and download valuable content.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Before Trendemon, BitSight had static content promotions with limited design options to test and limited ability to make the content relevant to the blog visitor. Trendemon’s system centered heavily on enhancing website engagement and conversions, precisely the area Bitsight aimed to strengthen. Moreover, a multitude of features and integrations—including those with Hubspot and Salesforce—alongside personalization options from partners like 6Sense, provided Eric with extensive opportunities to tailor the presentation of content using a wide array of tools and reports.

Eric’s Playbook

Eric used Trendemon to dynamically promote new content to visitors based on previous visitor patterns and machine learning. This helped increase site metrics including session duration and pages per visit in addition to promoting gated content to encourage form conversions to drive leads. Eric also utilized new content promotion formats which didn’t take away from site content, and instead, supplemented it with next actions. Here’s how he did it:

1) Identify high-performing Assets from your blog.

2) Set goals related to these assets (For BitSight their goal was to reach a form fill which sat on their thank you page).

3) Identify your ICP target audience based on area.

4) Build a promotional campaign to target your ICPs when they are browsing your site.

5) Trigger your promotion on “Exit Intent” and give your reader one last opportunity to engage.

6) Track performance and tweak accordingly.

The Uplift

Within only a couple of months, Eric had some exciting results:


*54% increase in ICP conversions with gated content.

*37% uplift in overall conversions from the blog.

*28% increase in engagement rate with blog content.


More than just numbers, Eric found a significant reduction in his analytical workload, saving many hours across the week. Trendemon’s self-learning capabilities meant he could efficiently scale content promotion without the manual labor of trial and error.

“We went from static and locked in to dynamic and relevant with no coding skills. Trendemon helps with the heavy lifting of generating conversions at scale across any digital property.”
Eric C.
Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ BitSight

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