From Lead to Opportunity: How Tenable and Trendemon Increased Conversation Rates Fourfold

How do you personalize experiences for more than a million website visitors? Is that even possible? That was the challenge Limor Danai, director of web strategy at Tenable, recently faced.

Meet Danai

With more than 20 years of experience as a marketing professional, Limor Danai has a vast knowledge and an array of skills she uses to help Tenable reach pipeline goals and target revenue.

Danai’s Challenge

Each month, Tenable attracts more than a million visitors to its website. As a marketing director, Danai struggled to find ways to connect with all of the different buyer personas who visit Tenable’s website. She wanted to look beyond conversion rates as just numbers on a screen or goals to hit. Danai knew her team needed to truly appeal to those personas so they would more quickly — and at a greater volume — move from leads to sales. But how? Tenable has a wide variety of product offerings and each one has an individual sales process. And to make it even more challenging, every individual visitor is unique with distinct wants and needs and must be treated as such. With this in mind, Danai committed to finding creative and effective ways to more effectively showcase Tenable’s industry-leading products and increase conversion rates. 

Sometimes Less is More

Efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability. Danai understood these attributes are paramount considerations for potential customers seeking the right solution for their cybersecurity challenges. Although Tenable already used a marketing automation tool effectively,  Danai believed the company could further benefit from a product that automates ideal customer profile (ICP) segmentation efficiently and that would not require allocating significant bandwidth to do so. She also wanted a product that would seamlessly integrate with the company’s other marketing tools.


The solution? Trendemon.

The Playbook:

Users can quickly set up Trendemon. It usually takes less than an hour to move from strategizing to optimization.


In Theory:


In Practice – Danai’s Strategy:


1) Create specific target audiences based on various targeting options: ABM firmographic data, geo locations, website engagement metrics and more.


2) Select a business goal (MQL, SQL, etc.) for your audience. Integrate with your marketing automation platform, in this case, Marketo.


3) Activate Trendemon’s content recommendation feature, which uses logic and analytical data to feed your audiences the appropriate next piece of content to move them along their personalized journey toward previously set goals. 


4) Craft content into campaigns that grab your website visitors’ attention.


5) Initiate effortless, scalable personalized experiences through the Autonomous Journey Orchestration feature.


6) Track campaign performance and visitor engagement.


“Trendemon has been a great partner to work with on our personalization journey. They really listened to our needs and provided solutions that are easy to implement and drive immediate results.”
Limor Danai
Director of Web Strategy

Personalize Effortlessly

See how Trendemon can increase conversion of anonymous target visitors to pipeline opportunities without requiring developers, designers or data scientists.