Effortless Journey Orchestration Accelerates Conversions at Perforce

Increase conversions without increasing complexity – see how DevOps leader Perforce used Trendemon’s Effortless personalization to keep every buyer on the path to pipeline. 

About Perforce

DevOps leader Perforce provides solutions for the most innovative players. They build complex digital products faster and with higher quality. Perforce utilizes a large tech stack, with different tools, and they are not limited to one product; they consist of 15+ product lines, across more than 11 different domains.

Meet Beth

Beth Hanson is the Senior Web Marketing Manager at Perforce, where she has been working for more than 5 years. She is dedicated to her passion of optimizing website performance and maximizing results. 

Perforce’s Challenges

One of Perforce’s main strategies for bringing high intent leads to the website was through ABM, this allowed her to directly target the right traffic with a solution called 6sense. However, for Beth the most important task was winning over visitors for all the various products Perforce offers. This meant creating unique buying experiences for a wide variety of visitors coming to her website for different reasons. 

The Perforce team realized the best way to do this would be with personalization. They had an existing solution, which enabled the team to insert banners on Perforce’s website, but there was no visibility into the results that these banners were driving. Also, the product the team was using had performance issues forcing the team to move at a much slower pace. Perforce needed an upgrade.

And Then It All Clicked…

Perforce knew what to do; the team doubled down on the user journey, determining it was the best way to increase website conversions. She searched for a product that could integrate with Perforce’s existing tech stack and that had more capabilities than the current solution. Ease of use was also a top priority. Only solution checked all of the boxes and it was Trendemon.

Beth’s Playbook

”Trendemon is easy enough to use. My whole team knows how to use TrenDemon and the learning process was quick; they are constantly building on it.”


Perforce wanted to achieve effortless personalization through orchestration and she quickly realized how efficient Trendemon was and went straight to work; this was her course of action while implementing Trendemon



1) Insert Trendemon code to Perforce’s website via google tag manager, to begin tracking and analytical features. 

2) Integrate 6sense segments, while building audiences to make sure the correct ICPs were being targeted, which also accelerate journeys more quickly.

3) Select specific business goals (MQL, SQL ) or events (activated through an action being performed, such as free trial), for your target audiences to achieve.

4) Now’s the fun part; Craft campaigns to promote different forms of content. (live webinar, white papers, and free trials).

5) Activate the autonomous journey orchestration feature, to streamline this whole process.

6) Analyze the effectiveness and see where visitors are looking on your website; See your top performing content at every stage and understand that content is not always the limiting factor.

7) Furthermore, understand the exact route your visitors are taking on their path to conversion under the “explore journeys” page.

        a. Journey Overview –  Visualize the overall journey your visitor embarks on.

        b. Journey Breakdown – Track the entire journey, all the way from how they go to your website, to what content drove that conversion, or where they dropped off.

Understanding The ROI

Understanding The ROI

Okay, so you have seen how Beth makes use of Trendemon, now let’s take a look at how she measures the ROI. Right on the Trendemon dashboard you are provided with all the info you need to track your results. Here are just a few of the metrics:


    • Conversion Rate Upliftmeasures the difference in goal conversion rates between journeys that engaged with Trendemon and reached the goal compared to those that did not. 

    • Engagement Uplift – The difference in number of pages read between journeys that engaged with Trendemon compared to those that did not. 

    • Pipeline accelerated – The total value of opportunities who engaged with Trendemon campaigns.

The Result

Beth saw really exciting results within 2 months:

“It took about a month to learn all the capabilities of Trendemon and then another month to see the promotions that work well and drive the journeys. Additionally, from the first year with TrenDemon to the second, the Perforce teams increased the uplift in journeys accelerated by Trendemon by over 300%. "
Beth Hanson
Senior Web Marketing Manager

Personalize Effortlessly

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