Scaling Success: HiBob's Optimization for Website Experiences

Explore HiBob’s End-to-End Journey Optimization strategy, personalizing website journeys from first touch until conversion. Learn how you can automatically engage buyers of various products, and customize interactions to each prospect based on their unique buying stage.

About HiBob

HiBob is an Human Resources platform that powers productivity, engagement and retention. Their HR platform, “Bob”,  supports all core HR functionalities like onboarding, payroll, compensation, attendance and much more. Companies leveraging Bob can expedite the hiring process, retain high-performing talent, and enhance overall employee engagement.

Meet Omri

Omri is a senior Growth Manager at HiBob. He oversees optimization strategies, conversion improvement, personalization, AB testing, and brings extensive experience in SEO optimization to the role.

HiBob’s challenge

As often seen in B2B marketing, Omri faced a multi-dimensional challenge with HiBob. The company provides a range of solutions, each designed to meet the unique requirements of HR leaders. Adding to that complexity even more, prospects from buying groups are at different stages of their buyer journey, seeking diverse content to guide their decision-making process. Traffic was coming into the website from paid campaigns, organic search, social and email outreach. The task at hand was to guide all this traffic towards conversion by crafting personalized and optimized journeys for each prospect, custom-tailored to their product interests and specific buying stage needs.

The Playbook

1) Segment website visitors based on their product interests


2) Integrate Marketo so that Trendemon can track bottom-of-funnel business goals (MQL, SQL and more)


3) Design compelling calls-to-actions and content recommendations


4) Define an orchestration to automatically nurture target audience from top of funnel until conversion


5) Track conversion rate uplift results

The Uplift

* 5X conversion rate uplift to MQLs

* 9X conversion rate uplift to SQL, with some target audiences (like Blog visitors) achieving an even greater uplift of 20X

"The way Trendemon’s orchestrations are built allows us flexibility in creating tailored audiences and providing them with highly personalized and relevant assets and CTAs. The integration with Marketo enabled us to track the funnel stage of the prospect and progress them down the funnel. We saw an impressive lift in engagement and conversion metrics on our Trendemon-led campaigns."
Omri Zamir
Senior Growth Manager @ HiBob

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