WalkMe tripled conversions of anonymous visitors into sales

About WalkMe

WalkMe is a leading Digital Adoption Platform. Its goal is to simplify user experience by combining visual cues and personalized guidance on top of website or enterprise software.


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“With Trendemon you can track performance really easily and be sure that your funnels are optimized”
Moran Chaimovitz
Marketing Automation Manager @ Walkme

The Challenge

WalkMe’s main pain point was the effectiveness of website journeys. On the one hand, the company landed high volumes of website traffic from various sources (ad campaigns, organic search…), but on the other hand – those anonymous website visitors didn’t mature into leads. Despite the company’s vast amount of content resources (mainly Blog posts), website journeys were not optimized and failed to increase content engagement and conversions.

The Playbook

WalkMe explored Trendemon’s content attribution and insights to uncover top performing Blog posts and measure their impact on business goals.
walkme - explore assets



The company leveraged content attribution to build personalized experiences that lead target audiences to top performing content.
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Trendemon automatically measured the performance of each content offer, making it easy and simple to optimize the engagement funnel. 
walkme - analyze performance


  • Note: The screens  displayed above are from Trendemon’s demo account dashboard

The Impact

WalkMe has substantially increased the conversion rates of anonymous visitors into knowns. Using Trendemon personalized offers the company experienced 2.8X growth in conversions rates.

Personalize Effortlessly

See how Trendemon can increase conversion of anonymous target visitors to pipeline opportunities without requiring developers, designers or data scientists.