Leveraging 6sense and Trendemon for Superior Conversion Results

Our collaboration with 6sense has redefined audience engagement and conversion effectiveness. With substantial data from the past six months, we have analyzed the significant impact of this partnership on customer conversion rates, particularly emphasizing 6sense’s custom audience segments.

Why 6sense and Trendemon Outperform

This synergy leads to an almost 20-fold increase in closed-won conversion rates, showcasing the power of our integrated approach in navigating complex buyer journeys.

The perfect synergy

6sense excels in directing high intent buyers to your website by identifying and targeting individuals most likely to be interested in your offerings. Trendemon complements this by personalizing the website journey for each visitor, ensuring a more engaging and tailored experience that can lead to higher conversion rates.

Enhanced Intent Recognition

6sense integrates its unparalleled external intent signals with Trendemon’s insights on internal account engagement, focusing on content interactions. This combination offers a comprehensive understanding of user intent, leveraging both external cues and internal user behaviors.

Tailored Content

Trendemon’s content recommendation system intelligently designs ideal content pathways tailored for various personas, accounts, and segments. This approach effectively accommodates a range of buying journeys, offering support for diverse customer experiences.

Real-time Web Responsiveness

In a time where attention is scarce and buyers lead their own journeys, Trendemon excels at providing each member of the buying group with content that is specifically relevant to them. This capability ensures that every individual  within the buying group receives the information they need to empower their decision-making process.

Selected Customers

"6sense helps us uncover qualified accounts and Trendemon enables us to close that loop and serve personalized website experiences based on 6sense segments. Journey insights help us create better content and web experiences."
Beth Hanson
Marketing Manager @ Perforce

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