Upgrade from Google Optimize

Trendemon’s page experience optimization capabilities just got a massive upgrade!  Easily personalize or test any element on any page. Run experiments on multiple page variations, test on different audiences or URLs and uncover the winning layout.

Personalization and Experimentation at Scale

Guarantee that your website is personalized for each target visitor and is displaying winning messages, content and calls-to-action.

Visual Page Editor

Our in-line visual editor allows you to modify any page element with a simple click. Easily edit elements like titles, text sections, images, links, call-to-action buttons and banners.

Personalization per Audience

Display different page variations to each target audience. Define who sees which page variation based on visitor’s website engagement metrics, 6sense firmographic info (company, industry, size), Marketing Automation and CRM attributes.

Experiments at Scale

Experiment with multiple page variations or redirect traffic to different URLs. Trendemon automatically identifies the winning layout and directs traffic to it, ensuring ongoing optimization.

Explore Uplift

Measure the performance of each page variation, analyzing engagement metrics such as read% and proceed%, as well as assessing the impact on bottom-of-funnel objectives like SQLs and closed-won deals.

Selected Customers

“My online conversion rate (visitor to known lead) went up by 310%. Every B2B company website needs Trendemon to direct people to the right places and provide guidance to content creators. Plus, it’s an easily integrated technology. Other tools simply don’t provide these advantages.”
Idan Hershkovich
VP Marketing @ CatoNetworks

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