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5 Great Tips & Tricks for Mastering Content Marketing

Welcome to a new five-part series about the four vital factors in running a successful content marketing campaign. We’ll be covering tips, tools, and best practices, from the first step of the user journey all the way to reaching your conversion goals.

What Your Content Marketing May Be Missing

growing majority of marketers feel that content marketing is the wave of the future. Properly done, content marketing costs 62% less but generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing. Great content creates a link with the customer and earns their trust, and so the website becomes a regular, profitable point of reference whenever a customer is looking for a related service or product. This is why, for example, more consumers rely on Amazon than Google for product research.

Despite these facts, most websites are simply “doing it wrong.” For each content marketing essential – user journey tracking, optimization, conversion, data analytics, and personalization – there are a number of common pitfalls and a solution for each.

Part 2: User Journey

In our next post, we’ll cover why analyzing the user journey is essential to achieving business goals. A poorly designed website will often miss the chance to convert consumers, and moreover, 88% of online consumers are reluctant to revisit a website following a poor experience.

Despite this, most companies do not properly account for user experience (“UX”). They base their website on internal business needs; evaluate UX issues by delegating them to associated departments; measure only the result of the user journey, instead of quality; and ignore the potential variety of users and stakeholders.

Part 3: Optimization and Conversion

Most websites only spend $1 on conversion for every $92 spent acquiring customers. This is an incredible waste because there are various ways that websites can be constantly optimized to convert users—whether that means selling, reading content, etc. This post will offer tips on improving optimization, such as expanding your web presence; designing a content strategy; and frequently running hypothesis-based (A/B) testing.

Part 4: Analytics and Insights

Very few websites use analytics to either adjust their content or deliver timely messages to users. Although most marketers understand the use of analytics to gauge performance and budget requirements, the technology should be used both for viewing the big picture and for making educated decisions about website layout and content.

In this post, we’ll tell you what you need to know about analytical tools like Google Analytics, TrenDemon, and Crazy Egg. These technologies analyze and enhance the effectiveness of online campaigns through various methods such as heat maps, dashboards, personalized content recommendations, and calls-to-action.

Part 5: Personalization

The majority of marketers believe that personalized content is essential for successful marketing, and is more important than outbound marketing or generalized content. This is because personalized content has been found to better inform the user, boost the value of the website for the user, create loyalty, and lead to additional conversions.

The key is to match the content to the user. This awareness is growing among marketers – approximately half understand the value of linking content to the user journey. This post will highlight best practices for content personalization, including CTAs, content recommendations, and emails.

The Best Tips & Tricks, Are Only a Click Away…

The following blogs in this series will discuss the most up-to-date and essential tips, statistics, and trends in order to assess the completeness of a content marketing strategy. Learn more about the content marketing world, and what needs to happen for marketers who want to make the most of various tools and strategies.  

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